For The Emperor: A Ciaphas Cain Novel [Sandy Mitchell] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Despite his yearnings for a peaceful and simple. For The Emperor (Ciaphas Cain Book 1) – Kindle edition by Sandy Mitchell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. : Ciaphas Cain: For the Emperor: Warhammer (Audible Audio Edition): Sandy Mitchell, Stephen Perring, Black Library: Books.

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And anyway, we’re not—’ She laughed, a warm, smoky chuckle which warmed me like amasec, and I realised she was pulling my leg. I actually own the Hero of the Imperium omnibus but felt that meperor book should get it’s own review. It is a story about a Commisasar in the year 40, where there is only war.

One thing leads to another and soon Cain and his men must solve the mystery that is putting the Imperium and the Tau Empire in the path to war. Though the romance is minimal it is hinted at early on and given mention as something that both pursue as they get to know each other throughout their lives.

But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from aliens, heretics, mutants – and worse. So, to any lover of the Astra Emepror, I suggest you pick up this book. Cain is a self serving man and always emoeror interested in saving his own skin than anything else.

Unfortunately, news of the crime has already spread, and word comes in that there is rioting in the streets between pro-Tau and anti-xenos extremists. Coming upon the bodies ror some humans killed by their mysterious enemy, Gorok samples their flesh, and declares it “tainted” — which gives them the first idea of their ckaphas enemy: If only they knew that battle cry was really a scream of fear!

They share a few minutes of conversation, and a dance around the room, before the footman announces the arrival of the Tau ambassador.

For the Emperor (Warhammer 40, : Ciaphas Cain, book 1) by Sandy Mitchell

She was singing old sentimental favourites, like The Night Before You Left and The Love We Shareand even an old cynic like me could appreciate the emotion she put into them, and feel that, just this once, the trite words were ringing true.


Ciaphas Cain has a problem; since leaving the Schola Progenium as an Imperial commissarall he’s ever wanted is a nice, safe posting, far away from any action, where he can keep his head down and count the years until his retirement.

Does Ciaphas Cain get better? His eighth Ciaiphas Cain novel’s been published.

For The Emperor

Outside the Palace, the Valhallans are alarmed empfror the Tau appear in force – HammerheadsBattlesuitsthe works – and almost equally surprised when the xenos open fire on the traitor forces.

Lists with This Book. Ok, well maybe I’ll give the series another shot – the books aren’t even written in chronological order past thhe first 3 anyway right? Jan 15, Michael T Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: Hate speech, trolling, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in a ban. Most of it kept in a couple of characters perspective.

Set your 40kLore flair

As far as supporting characters go, Jurgen is a plot important character in every book in the series but in the whole series has almost no enperor development, little personality and quite often turns up to save the day.

Want to add to the discussion? As Kasteen and the th are preparing to advance against a rebel stronghold, Cain invents a task fot will let him absent himself — putting the fear of the Emperor into a loyalist PDF unit that is maintaining a somewhat slack perimeter around another rebel fhe.

You may transcribe the text, however, and we request that you cite the book it came from. Nov 21, Thiago Marchetti rated it liked it. No one saw where the shot came from, but some in the Ambassador’s entourage accuse the Imperials of killing him.

For the Emperor (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

It’s also interesting that Mitchell is, in his own quiet cipahas, one of the more feminist authors to work in what is technically Military-SF. That said, I had a tremendous time with Abnett’s books and much prefer tales of the more fragile and diverse Imperial Guard.

With Grice’s death, the war comes to an end, though hte genestealer infestation remains a carefully guarded secret. Just then they are rushed by a brood of purestrains, and have to fight their way through. Ready for the next one Of particular note, is how much i really enjoyed the device of another character’s footnotes a Well that was fun.


Two Valhallan regiments have been consolidated from the survivors of st and th.

When another hidden agent destroys the Tau’s transport skimmer with a rocket, Cain and his Guard escort reluctantly agree to escort the Ambassador’s party back to their compound. Without further explanation, Cain draws his laspistol and shoots them both in the head. Pulp plot that fits so good into the dark future of cizphas 41st millenium.

People die, sometimes abruptly and in rather terrifying ways. Excerpts must also be a “reasonable length”, page long direct copies are not permitted. Certainly the book’s conclusion leaves you wanting to read more about Cain and Jurgen and their continuing misadventures. Jun 13, Mary Catelli rated it it was amazing Shelves: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Mitchell also uses brief pieces between some of the chapters that she writes from other character’s points of view to explain things that are happening where Cain wasn’t present. In a emeror universe he could be replaced by a scruffy dog. It’s definitely clear that she thinks most of his claims of cowardice aren’t actually deserved.

The universe of Warhammer 40k is a terrible place, but Sandy Mitchell manages to create compelling human characters and makes me care about them. Posts containing novel excerpts must be supported by at least a paragraph describing why this moment is important, be it a grand revelation in the lore or a critical turning point in a character design.

Log in and join the community. It also describes the first time Cain meets Amberley Vail, an agent of the Ordo Xenos, and the Valhallan regiment he spends most of his career with.