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This ranges from wooden dummies, sand bag dummies and even weapon dummies. This ensures the dummy will be a challenge to even the strongest of students. Sar Bow Jong The sar bow jong is a heavy, top hung swinging bag that requires strong energy to move. Its chief purpose is to strengthen the kiu sau the bridge hand — the part of the arm used for blocking.

Ma Jong The ma jong is one of the most advanced dummies taught to date by Master Chen Yong-Fa to his hechniques sing tong instructors, although it is still relatively simple when compared with the complex tertiary-level dummies of the Choy Lee Fut dummy system.

The aim of all training is to improve power, speed and accuracy. The sar bow jong is a heavy, top hung swinging bag that requires strong energy to move. This led to personal interpretation and experimentation.

Choy Lee Fut Wooden Dummies

Choy Lee Fut jongs are divided into three levels of training, each level more advanced then the last. He enjoyed a tremendous following and was the first to commit to chronicling the techniques of the wooden dummies. France Germany Poland Italy. The distinguishing feature of the ching jong is the large moveable arm at the top that can be used to practice the well-known swinging punches of Choy Lee Fut, such as the sow chui and dat chui, along with grappling techniques.

Once the jongs are made and set up they will provide a convenient and safe way to practice. Movements alternate between high and low strikes and from long to short-distance techniques in line with the flux of yin and yang. Each dummy set trains specific techniques or is used to condition certain parts of the body.


While teaching in Guangzhou, Koon-Pak was approached by Choy Kwai-Yuan and his two sons to teach them the wooden dummy techniques. Since few knew about the techniques in the first place those who practiced the dummy movements did so on their own. The arms are coordinated so that striking the swinging arm causes the rotation of the helicopter arm, which is located at head height so the student must avoid or block this arm or receive a blow to the head.

They had the space required for installing the various jongs in their home.

The movement of the bag requires the student to focus on timing and rhythm. This gradual evolution of techniques came about because of geographical separation, difficulty of communication and that each generation had its own comprehension of what went before, especially if their lineage is further away from Chan Heung and the direct teaching of the Chan family. Power Plus Chan Heung put considerable emphasis on power vut.wooden, which is essential in jong techniques because one must have a strong and solid stance and tough limbs.

Dummies | Choy Lee Fut Pennant Hills

The leg fixture is used for various Choy Lee Fut leg sweeps and toughening the shins ft.wooden the same time.

The Choy Lee Fut system has 18 different dummy sets. There are recorded forms, in which 48 are single-person fist forms and about 20 are wooden dummy techniques.

The variety and uniqueness of Choy Lee Fut wooden dummies will always have an edge over other tedhniques methods of training. It is now difficult to differentiate the techniques that were devised by Chan Heung and those that were created by teachers of later generations.


Chen Yong Fa is the great, great grandson of Chang Heung and has direct fut.wooren to family documents, such as the Training Manual of Choy Lee Fut, in which all the fist forms, weaponry, lion dance and wooden dummy techniques were recorded in detail as passed down by Chan Heung. Unique to this dummy is the heavy spring-loaded horizontal log shaped in the form of a horse.

When the bag is hit and made to swing, subsequent strikes must be made not only at the right moment, but also with a strong horse stance. This movement is executed using offensive and defensive moves on 3 different planes. The ching jong balance dummy is usually taught first. The rest of the jongs include: This works the muscles and ligaments and allows the student to improve his strength by striking the bag harder each time.

The ching jong balance dummy is the most well known of all the choy lee fut wooden dummies. When executing the hand techniques it fut.wooddn on the alignment of the wrist.

The ching jong is made of a large, heavy post fixed to the ground. Agility and awareness are essential in the use of this dynamic training tool and make this dummy effective for both offensive and defensive training.

These arms are used to train blocking, while pads located around the post train the strength and accuracy of striking. The dummy is designed to train a combination of speed, accuracy and power.

As you strike the dummy harder and faster so too will ler dummy counterattack harder and faster.