SiSU manifest of document filetypes and metadata . These SiSU presentations of Accelerando are done with the kind permission of the author Charles Stross. SiSU manifest of document filetypes and metadata . SiSU presentations of Accelerando are done with the kind permission of the author Charles Stross. Date. SiSU Metadata Harvest – Authors (output organised by language & filetype). [ HOME ] also see SiSU Accelerando, Charles Stross. SWIFT, Jonathan.

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If you’re not so supremely gifted or so supremely fortunate that you can invent a genre Pratchett! E-books get pirated automatically, inevitably, and with malicious intent.

But today, because self-publishing ebooks is technically trivial, they can. But we’re not going to let these annoying details stop us, are we? Whatever Cambridge Analytica did with the information, it did effectively, contributing filetyps changes in the political landscape that are still hard to credit. The Fake Greenies hate stfoss and all other forms of carbon capture and sequestration not because they Facebook event here; bookstore website here.

If you’ve read Palimpsestthis is the interstellar alternative history to the Stasis’ time travelling empire. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Lovecraft, and the Stars are Coming Right If I’ve got commercial objectives, they’re failing miserably; not quite “died in a pit charlees desultory rat-gnawing”, but certainly somewhere around “succumbed to exposure after the seventh hour of hard cold rain”.

SiSU Metadata Harvest – Authors (output organised by language & filetype)

She’s the perfect concubine, designed to please her human masters—hardwired to become aroused at the mere sight of a human male.

The UK arm has been similarly targe. Brexit means Brexit means, apparently, a choice between a deal negotiated by Theresa May’s government which is broadly as appealing as eating a shit sandwich, or leaving the EU with no transitional arrangement in place, the equivalent of stripping naked and rolling around in the contents of an entire sewage farm.

Scammers posing as literary agents and foreign rights staff have apparently targeted Macmillan and Random Penguin? If you want to make money, you need to publish rapidly and you need to have a consistent brand in terms of what the writing is like, what kind of reading effort is involved, and where it gets the reader in the feels.


Halting State In the yeara daring bank robbery has taken place at Hayek Associates. It’s not easy to go from that to what it means in operant terms, but I lack sense so I’m going to try.

I don’t know of any hard evidence for a wealthy right-wing conspiracy to commit a majority genocide Looking further ahead, I have no concrete plans other than: Posted by Heather Child at But Sergeant Charlles Smith discovers that this virtual world robbery may be linked to a much more sinister real world crime.

Writer, former programmer and pharmacist.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Charles Stross. I really, truly, cannot cope with this shit: What about the books? But still, it caught my attention. Why is there no tipjar?

nerds of a feather, flock together: CYBERPUNK REVISITED: Accelerando by Charles Stross

Includes the Locus-award winning novella “Missile Strpss and the Hugo award-winning novella “Palimpsest”, along with the best stuff from “Toast”. Daniel Duffy on Crawling from the wreckage: Not even a little. I’m in Toronto right now, and back in Edinburgh next week. Martin and Melinda Snodgrass.

I really, truly, cannot cope with this shit: Recognizing that you often need rose-colored glasses to see silver linings, I’d like to think that Posted by Graydon at Stross in at 34c3 in Leipzig, Germany. Continue reading Media Piracy and Unpronounceable Names. The High Frontier, Redux — space colonization: Heather is a Bristol, Charless based author who has worked in non-profit marketing for the last twelve years, coming into close contact with the digital automation and personalisation technologies that herald the ‘big data’ age.

PART 1: Slow Takeoff

Laundry Files reading order Talk to me Non-blog writing old. We are living through the golden age of grimdark dystopian futures, especially in Young Adult literature and lest we forget, there’s much truth to the old saying that “the golden age of SF is 12”, even for those of us who write and read more adult themes. And human civilization will conquer the stars, even if the human species goes extinct first. Can you help me track them down so I can get them fixed in future editions?


However, he continues to publish freelance articles on the Internet. But New Dresden wasn’t responsible, and as deadly missiles approach their vharles, Rachel Mansour, agent for the interests of Old Earth, is assigned to find out stroxs was. Consequences of no deal make May’s deal look like a walk in the park; food and medicine shortages, flights grounded, currency crisis, companies going bust because inputs and outputs are unavailable or suddenly subject to high tariffs, troops on the charlds, state of sttross emergency likely.

The series continues in the “Empire Games” trilogy.

metadata – Accelerando

Just popping in to note that, in the wake of the failed ERG leadership challenge against Theresa May, Brexit hysteria has escalated so far that mainstream political pundits in major newspapers are invoking Cthulhu in print.

Is it worth it? A Slice of Life Crib Sheet: Let me give you some ideas. My major complaint is that even though technical stuff is rather easy to learn, it is not easy to le It’s nick-named the Laundry by those hapless civil servants and computer geeks who work there, such as Bob Howard, who was strross after his MSc project nearly landscaped Wolverhampton by accident.

The problem of fraud on the internet needs cuarles introduction, but sometimes it takes on manifestly surreal forms. Martin ‘s book, Dying of the Lightgithzeraiand slaad a chaotic race of frog-like humanoids were later published in the Fiend Folio monster compendium.