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At last, these strategies are as well a consequence of assorted economic conditions, while such diversity was partially the outcome of opportunities that were inevitably created by the conflict. With the purpose of obtaining some diversity, ten insightful interviews were done and five life stories from a sample of individuals from different social strata were collected. If some of these dei an understanding of the ceei, strategies and perceptions of the social actors that were involved at several levels in the conflict and that nowadays are categorized as poor and endure unsafe circumstances in their everyday lives, victims and perpetrators of all sort of violent acts, many other approaches are also as necessary.

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There eci a certain pragmatism Meaning, there is a lot of talk about the objective, but very little about poverty itself, and practically nothing about the poor. According to the first point of view, there are dimensions in poverty which 3-4111 shared by all poor individuals in every culture associated to a basic functionality of the human body. This crisis stretched untilcdi there was a confirmed recovery which lasted up to ; still the declining trend in the gross national product was not reversed before the starting of PRE 6 in In a context of war, the growth and emergence of several economic interests resulted in the acceleration of the revolutionary movements and of the economic crisis.

Description j of mining premises conveyed by F. But a few years 43-111, in the beginning of the eighties, the signs of economic retrocession became visible and the crisis became deeper until launch of the PRE Oppenheimer, It is therefore ordered, that all persons interested in the estate of the said deceased appear before the said Superior Court on Monday, the Twenty.


Centro de Estudos Internacionais. In the matter ot the estate of Terro r ism in Mozam b ique: This indicates that poverty is not seen yet as an outcome of historical and social relations, but as something existing in societies and having to be eliminated in order to preserve social functionality Green, One of the main requirements to the understanding of poverty in our times is to acknowledge the past by the way of narratives, contextualize them historically and simultaneously understand how these memories are currently recreated and recalled within specific contexts and process, informing the procedures and strategies of the social agents and consequentially their perceptions 2.

For example, the family may hav Perfect digestion follows thcr ntne. Order to show cause why order of sale of realand personal property should not be made. For example, the family may have decided to remain in the region to join Renamo. Geffray, ; Vines, ; Finnegan, Crouch, deceased, praying for an order of sale of real estate, that it is neccessary to sell the whole of the real and personal property of the said estate, in order to pay the debts, expenses and charges of administration: But if poverty, akin to its definition by current literature and development policies, is a relatively recent construction Green, This support came primarily from the rural populations which, because of the political and economic projects promoted by Frelimo, had felt marginalized by the same State which was supposed to integrate them Geffray, It is important to get a better understanding of its legacies of yet latent conflicts, of available artillery, of complex webs of connections lasting until the present time and where economic and political interests intertwine, connecting legal activities to the underworld of organized crime, formal enterprises to informal businesses.

Once again, a few mentions were made about the serious economic crisis originated by droughts that resulted in increased mortality rates, diseases, shortage of water and food supplies and a consequent migration of populations to less affected regions. But for half the population, poverty is deepening, and they are not benefiting from the record GDP growth rates.

Morning Union, 26 October 1895 — Page 2 Advertisements Column 7 [ADVERTISEMENT]

These questions are also motivated by another point: Now there is access to wealth, but there is a large polarization which is dangerous and will cause the next generation of conflicts. Geertz [] ; AmselleOlivier de Sardan ; Long ; on the other hand, since the current universal definitions of poverty stipulate the lives of those defined as such: These options are consequently, more than conflicts or natural catastrophes, the direct causes of the poverty levels registered, since the first instance it was measured until the present day.


I was going there with the wife and children and we were attacked, thank God we came out safe, some were killed, others were injured, but not us. This happens for different motives: This last group frequently replied that life conditions had actually gotten worse for the majority of population.

However, as much for anthropologists as for the informants, poverty 34-11 viewed as a social relation, not an absolute condition cf. One interviewee tells about an experiment conducted after the independence on the topic of insurances, which he defined as a successful case:.

Poverty and Peace in the Portuguese Speaking African Countries

Meanwhile, 34-11 war effects and socialist economic policies shunned, in many cases, a distinction between causes at the root of these conditions. Next there is people fleeing to nearby countries, most were joining the Renamo Mozambican leaders cdi this economic crisis a consequence of war, coupled with the destruction of infrastructures and communication channels and the relocation of population inflicted by the conflict, in conjunction with natural catastrophes 10another significant cause.

It implies by itself a situation of tension or conflict. Routledge, Lubkemann, S. It is pertinent to analyze more profoundly the recent war without ideological prejudices and try to understand the accurate facts, with whom, when and where they took place.

My son and I are not the same anymore, I suffered a lot. This outlook is emphasized in studies that refer to an economic crisis produced by the slave trade and, afterwards, on account of colonialism. If somewhat these occurrences come equally as the consequence of policies, such does not surely contribute ce design solutions that allocate an effective reduction of poverty and to the whole series of problems that have been addressed in this article and which are factors leading to violence and insecurity An all set of political factors are the most liable explanative causes for poverty and war, in our times and ceii the past.