CE CONSTRUCTION PLANNING AND SCHEDULING 2 marks and AND SCHEDULING SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. CE Construction Planning & Scheduling QUESTIONS ANNA Planning & Scheduling SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. Details: CE Construction Planning and Scheduling – Lecture Notes (V+ edition).

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Principle of vapour compression and absorption system — Layout of typical domestic refrigerator — Window and Split type room Air conditioner. Determination of water of crystallization of a crystalline salt Copper 7.

CE Survey Practical I 4 2 8. This knowledge is very essential for an engineer to enable him in designing all types of structures and machines. Brick masonry — stone masonry — beams — columns — lintels — roofing — flooring — plastering — Mechanics — Internal and external forces — stress — strain — elasticity — Types of Bridges and Dams — Basics of Interior Design and Landscaping.

It exposes the students to highway planning, engineering surveys for highway alignment, Design of Geometric Elements of Highways and Urban roads, Rigid and Flexible pavements design. Field work using Total Station.

CE Construction Planning And Scheduling May/June QP (Scan Version)

Verification of superposition Theorem. The student is expected to know about the various impacts of development projects on environment and the mitigating measures.


Introduction to properties and motivation for cs2353 qualitative only. Publications, New Delhi, Tacheometry – Tangential system – Stadia system – Subtense system.

Buildings for Industry, vols. CE Hydrology 3 3 2. Physics and Chemistry Laboratory — II. Proportioning of Aggregates 4. Elective II 3 3 5.

The 15 marks the other 5 marks for attendance allotted for the internal assessment will be based on the record notebook compiled by the candidate. Calculation of Metacentric height water tank Ship model with accessories – 1 No. Break even analysis – basic assumptions — break even chart — managerial uses of break even analysis. CE Traffic Engineering and Management 3 3 8.

CE Applied Hydraulic Engineering 3 1 4 5. November 15, 0. GE Environmental Science and Engineering 3 3 3. GE Computer Practices Laboratory 3 2 8. The mechanics of rainfall, its spatial and temporal measurement and their applications will be understood.

Construction Planning And Scheduling CE MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

The design of Basic elements such as slab, beam, column and footing which form part of any structural system with reference to Indian standard code of practice for Reinforced Concrete Structures and Design Aids are included. Exercises – Using sequence syllbaus. Reinforced Concrete Structural elements — P.

Testing of fresh and hardened concrete — quality of concrete – Non — destructive testing. Use and overutilization of surface and ground water, floods, drought, conflicts over water, dams-benefits and problems — Mineral resources: Construction Planning and Scheduling.


Further, he should understand the syllaus of work and energy. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2.

Ce2353 construction planning and scheduling syllabus divisions

Similar exercises for the career lab are to be compiled in the record notebook. Feldpar family, Augite, Hornblende, Biotite, Muscovite, Calcite, Garnet — properties, behaviour and engineering significance of clay minerals — Fundamentals of process of formation of ore minerals — Coal and petroleum — Their origin and occurrence in India.

Many students, particularly those from non-English medium schools, find that they are not preferred due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability.

The subject can sullabus mastered best by solving numerous problems. Student, at the end of the semester will have the abilities to analyse flow characteristics in open channel and design hydraulic machines. Hayt Jr, Jack E. Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice. CE Industrial Structures 3 3 An Introduction to GIS. Visualisation and spatial data.