CE CONSTRUCTION PLANNING AND SCHEDULING 2 marks and AND SCHEDULING SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. CE Construction Planning & Scheduling QUESTIONS ANNA Planning & Scheduling SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. Details: CE Construction Planning and Scheduling – Lecture Notes (V+ edition).

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EN Environmental Impact Assessment 3 3 CE Mechanics of Fluids 3 3 6. Feldpar family, Augite, Hornblende, Biotite, Muscovite, Calcite, Garnet — properties, behaviour and engineering significance of clay minerals — Fundamentals of process of formation of ore minerals — Coal and petroleum fe2353 Their origin and occurrence in India.

The student is expected to know about the various impacts of development projects on environment and the mitigating measures. Design and drawing of RCC cantilever and counterfort type retaining walls with reinforcement details 2. Conduct metric titration Mixture of weak and strong acids 3. Calculation of Metacentric height water tank Ship model with accessories – 1 No.

GE Environmental Science and Engineering 3 3 3. CE Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory 3 2 9. List of Equipments for a batch of 30 students: Reinforced Concrete Structural elements — P.

Spon Press, London and New York, K and Iyengar S. Publications, New Delhi, Estimation of Ferric iron by spectrophotometry. Group Discussions etc 2. Ltd, New Delhi, This subject includes the list of experiments to be conducted for characterisation of water and municipal sewage. CE Environmental Engineering Laboratory 3 2 8. CE Structural Analysis I 3 1 4 2. Measurement of horizontal angles by reiteration and repetition and vertical angles 3. Analysis and Design Software – Minimum 5 user License 4.


CIVIL Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation

At the end of course the student shall be in a position to design the basic elements of reinforced concrete structures. At the end of the course student has a comprehensive design knowledge related to structures, systems that are likely to be encountered in professional practice.

Anderson and Edward M. Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements. Proportioning of Aggregates 4. Gupta, Tata McGraw Hill Shape memory alloys SMA: Design of structural systems ce22353 as roof trusses, gantry girders are included. Determination of water of crystallization of a crystalline salt Copper 7. Internal Marks decided by the staff in-charge appointed by the Institution: Tacheometry – Tangential system – Stadia system – Subtense system.

Construction Planning And Scheduling CE2353 MJ2014 Question Paper

November 16, 0. Veerarjan, T and Ramachandran, T. Examples for role play situations: Advanced topics such as FE method and Space Structures are covered. This course conceives purely a design problem in any one of the disciplines of Civil Engineering; e. Characteristics sylabus Diac and Triac. Suresh kumar and A. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2.

At the end of the course the group should submit a complete report on the design problem consisting of the data given, the design calculations, specifications if any and complete set of drawings which follow the design.


Break even analysis – basic assumptions — break even chart — managerial uses of break even analysis. The student is expected to be aware of the various effects of industrialisation on ecology and ecological based waste purification methods. CE Architecture 3 3 5.

Frequency response of single tuned coupled circuits. At the end of the camp, each student shall have mapped and contoured the area. CE Survey Practical I 4 2 8.

civil syllabus – CAHCET

Building construction, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. The 15 marks the other 5 marks for attendance allotted for the internal assessment will be based on the record notebook compiled by the candidate. An Introduction to GIS. This will be necessary for their effective studies in a large number of engineering subjects like heat conduction, communication systems, electro-optics and electromagnetic theory. Textile Technology Fashion Technology 6. UNIT III 12 Cause and effect expressions — Different grammatical forms of the same word – Speaking — stress and intonation, Group Discussions – Reading — Critical reading – Listening, – Writing — using connectives, report writing — types, structure, data collection, content, form, recommendations.