From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. The new general catalogue CATU / is available and can be downloaded in the catalogue section. Enjoy your reading! The company · Solutions. From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products IEC

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Insulating tape Translucid insulating polyvinyl tape. Removal of the minimum height of 3 m: When the clamp detects pulses drawn by the modulator, the receiver emits a light signal, confirmed by a beep after three seconds.

Conical slide-in provides perfect assembly stability. Skirts nbr g 1.

M or XL order example: For Classes 0 and Snap hook on one ribbon end and another on spool. Checking for phase matching.

CM and CM series see page and and K end-fittings adaptors see page Used on 50 and 60 Hz networks. Set of 4, 5, 6 ou 7 clamps. A circumferential braking system prevents the clamp from turning under the weight of the cable.

For Classes 1, 2, 3, cataolgue 4: While remaining on, it indicates the good working order of the detector.



Delivered with batteries and 2 Straps. IP2X connection wells from the test-lead point. Its ergonomic shape improves the self-adjusting descent.

Reference mm Icc I assym. The APE is a grounding system with an interlocking system between earthing clamp and line clamps. Operating Testers To perform mandatory testing on the controllers before and after each use Reference Characteristic CL Delivered in case with lead mm Adjustable x 32 x 65 10, 20, 30 kV g CL Unlike single-core voltage testers, dual cqtu testers can recognize potential differences between any two points in an MV installation.

To be used with a harness. Sole in aluminium alloy, high cattu, with leather belts and steel buckle. Polyamide central lug attaches to snap-hook of belt. Power by 1 battery: Detection can easily be adjusted, which accordingly affects identification accuracy. The clamp is then fixed to the rope and attached onto the conductor.

Cylindrical head under insulating cap. High voltage Insulating gloves, insulating boots and talcum powder can. M 1 all kit carrying bag. In case of modification of these characteristics, our company would not be obliged to supply materials conform to those previously in force. PEHDthe case is also on its red part, an insulating platform. Once these pulses are received, the device emits a light signal, confirmed with a beep after three seconds. Insulation resistance is measured between each active conductor and the ground when not live.



Indicating both the detector is operational and the self testing of the unit continues. Primarily reserved for conductors of the same phase matchingthey can also be used for dual core detection and for testing MV fuses.

For distance working 2 removables elements g Reference M 80 cm Delivered in storage bag. Hook stick hook pole Cutting capacity: Reinforced by a grid of synthetic fibre. Round cataloguw plier Reference g mm MO Special steel, chrome mat finished.

Adjustable lamp height angle. Voltage detector with autotest.

Hook with safety catch. To be used with jumper cable M8 or M12 connection cable on request. Electrical isolation V.

| Le monde de la sécurité électrique

Reference MP g mm m 1. Reference Characteristics Deformable shock-resistant helmet with a “gutter” brim. Removable feet with rubber tips. Adhesive clip supplied to attach to helmet or shield.

This cayu is used on any type of power distribution network with rated voltages of to Volts. Fall arrest grab for rigid support. CID 58 max. Connection between phases under V.