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Reliable service life and convincing brightness.

Via Lus – Lâmpadas Automotivas, Acessórios e Fusíveis – São Paulo/SP

Each blister pack has pictograms that are understood throughout the world to indicate all the benets and technical data. OSRAM lamps give all partners a clear advantage on the market.

Whats more, we conduct extensive and targeted opinion polls among customers in 29 different countries each automotvas. And for good reason. Compulsory daylight running light in the winter months in: With its optimised packaging solutions, OSRAM is making a signicant phikips to rising sales among its retail partners. They put the ideal amount of light on the road without blinding oncoming drivers1 and therefore contribute greatly to road safety.

OSRAM also supports retailers with training and advertising activities.

The packaging is also easy to handle and provides all the necessary information at a glance. The picture on the back shows which lamp should go where. Such material includes posters that grab the attention and provide customers with clear information on the various program families.

HPMC 2013 – Philips

We think ahead so you have an easier future. The OSRAM car lamp kit saves you the trouble of searching for a suitable workshop or retail outlet to purchase replacement lamps and offers quick help on site. Compliance with this principle is conrmed by the fact that our quality management system has been certied to ISO and our environmental management system to ISO Automotkvas anti-glare strip for reection headlights.


Presentation, information and access our POS material will make it easier for your customers to make impulse purchases. Because the control gear and the lamp are located separately in the vehicle it will be possible to equip or upgrade more and more types of vehicles with the XENARC system.

Also available with glass base article reference or France Slovakia Perfectly equipped for people on the move. OSRAM also supports retailers with electronic ordering. Chromaticity diagram to DIN All the important sales arguments at a glance.

Shipping unitSingle-coil headlight lamps for innovative dual headlight systems XS1 XS1 On request H1 H2 H3 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H8B H9B H11B HB3 HB3A HB4 HB4A 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 55 55 55 55 35 65 42 ctaalogo 53 35 65 55 60 60 51 51 P With the car lamp kit, you can easily x defects yourself.

New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request On request. Their uniform light and a light beam up to 40 m longer enable dangers to be seen much sooner and give drivers valuable extra time in which to react. With dimensions of x x mm W x H x Dit provides ample space for lampadaw to lamps.

Luminous intensity is the luminous ux radiated in a particular direction solid angle. People work at night, houses are bathed in light and streets are brightly lit. At K it has a colour temperature closer to natural daylight than conventional halogen light K and is therefore easier on the eyes.

  ASTM E2315 PDF

Clearly readable and highlighted in colour. The spare lamp kits containing the most important replacement lamps and fuses for almost all makes and models of cars are presented in the minibox display. B3 and TC are of interest above all for industry; retailers are more interested in the B50 value. New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request. OSRAM invests a sizeable proportion of its revenue in the development of new products so that partner workshops and retailers can enjoy continued success in the ercely contested vehicle lamp market.

High-performance halogen headlight lamps and their alternatives. Light is taken to mean the electromagnetic radiation that the human eye perceives as brightness, in other words that part of the spectrum that can be seen.

These chunkier stairs featured on Arch Daily make it easier to create more of a soft glow than a bright impression with lighting strips.

lampaddas Nowadays, being innovative primarily means raising quality standards and offering intelligent solutions to ensure market success over lamps of inferior quality.

The essential product benets are clearly shown so your customers can autokotivas nd the ideal lamps to meet their needs. Errors and omission excepted. They can check all the features, make comparisons and choose the right lamps at their leisure.

Twice the life of conventional 24 V lamps. Its stylish bright bluish white is almost in the same league as the light from attractive XENON lamps.