Cadence Encounter Conformal Equivalence Checking User Guide (LEC) 3. User -manual-cadence Design Systems-Encounter Conformal Equivalence. PDF | In this paper we will explore how to use the Cadence Conformal LEC tool capabilities to verify different types of designs, based on the. EE b Spring Conformal Logic Equivalence Checking (LEC) Tutorialby Ko-Chung Tseng This tutorial provides a quick getting-strated gui.

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Cadence Conformal

Resuming Running a Dofile. List of Library Files. You can use the DOFILE command or the -dofile command option at startup to read in and execute a command file that includes any set of commands. Question about Conformal Logic Equivalency Check. Matching the Revised key points to the Golden:. I have a question for the following statement: Specify the global behavior of floating signals in the designs for example; ties all floating signals to a conforjal.

Cadence conformal –

I want to inquire the price range of the following software for group uses. Previous 1 2 Next. Confornal Commands in a File. Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: But I’m not sure whether the parameter file synta.


When I type the “lec” command to invoke the tool, the shell responds like “command not found”.

消失的密室: Cadence Encounter Conformal Equivalence Checking User Guide (LEC)

I have been trying to set cadfnce the cadence LEC environment and use it through linux shell for the past few days. I got the similar problem with installing cadence Europractice software on RedHat 6.

Cadence Conformal ECO flow – library domains issue. Is it because the tool was not properly set up? I was checking logical equivalence between verilog and. Conformla LEC constant constraint. Cadence conformal LEC – crush after start.

The Conformal software provides two types of comments in a dofile:. Allows path search specification:. If so, what are the environment variables and paths I have to declare for setting up the tool.

I’m having problem since for the RTL golden reference part, there is one parameter file params. Hi all, Please can you help me solve the following problem?

Specifying black boxes before module is read in. But I need someone to tell me the flow or steps I should take to proceed further with the verification. The other is equivalence checking and property checking of the design.


The lec command has the following additional options. Need suggestions to remove Verilog warnings. For simple design compare. So simulation is one aspect of verification.

Syntax Error for Parameter File in Verilog format params. By default, the dofile aborts at any command that generates an error message.

Specify the name of the log file where LEC session transcript is to be written. In this example, the read library command is run for lib Symptom shows non-equivalence on Data, Set, and Reset cones. To open Cadence’s document center, run: Automatic propagation to all lower-level modules.