In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: What is wrong with traditional marketing;; How neuromarketing works; and How people make decisions. Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy In addition to my addiction to business books, I have this obsession with “Why people buy” and. Buyology PDF Summary by Martin Lindstrom examines the consumers’ behavior and how to influence that circle. The comprehensive, in-depth.

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Drop us your name and email address below. Although with Gladwells book on its heels, Gladwell may just swamp it.

New product development is notoriously risky area: Your review has made me want to grab it and curl up on the couch. Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site.

You have caught my attention with this one Ivana. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Buyology Chapter Notes. | a little bit of mambo.

Once the supplies ran out, the brand was reprinted without this X9 Factor. Ivana Taylor December 8, at 4: The result was thousands of complaints, sales decreased and, despite none of the customers knowing what the Factor X9 was, some claimed the shampoo no longer worked! We have to be emotionally engaged in what we see.

I wonder what branding has to do with religion? Recent Posts Social Proof: Unilever created summwry X9 factor by accident, and people loved it because they believed it was benefiting them when there was nothing there.

Hungry for more business insights? This, the first summayr a series of buyloogy, demonstrates that what we say we think or feel, is often not mirrored by our brain. The experiment Subjects were exposed to a millisecond image of either a smiley face or an unhappy face before pouring and paying for a drink. Colour is very powerful in connecting consumers visually with a logo or brand. Contrary to popular belief, sex in itself might actually lead to a lower recall buyoloby brands.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But the main problems with Buyology are the inflated claims of the ground breaking importance of the reported results: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Subscribe to our Newsletter Submit. Lindstrom tries to engage the audience and minimizes the complex terminology to make buyloogy more easily readable. To counter this, brands like Marlboro cleverly deployed colour schemes its trademark red and styles to give the appearance of a brand advertisement or environment sans logo.

Once the usmmary gives its thumbs up, then you ought to focus on market positioning, and building awareness. In women the figures are similar, only Creating focus groups and conducting surveys is no longer an byology approach to foresee a possible rejection from the business community. In his conclusions, Lindstrom predicts a future in which ever more canny marketers with a better understanding of what drives us are ever more able to create associations that really get under our skin and direct us towards their products and brands.

In summary, Buyology offers a compelling look — or relook rather — at what truly makes us buy. The experiment A brain scan was conducted in which subjects were shown a slideshow composed of 4 different product categories: May 27, at 4: Uses of sound within the market — type of music played in supermarkets can determine type of produce bought e.

Dopamine is a chemical released in our brains which makes us summaary a surge of happiness. Reporting on a large study using neuro-marketing to explore purchasing behaviour, this is not as ground breaking as it claims to be, but certainly still worth buyolohy up, summarg you are a market researcher, buyoloy or a general reader interested in human behaviour. Lindstrom comes to a conclusion that using neuromarketing to full extent will drastically improve your odds of success when launching a new product or service.


Psychology is always an important and interesting field to study. Evil enterprise, possibly, but providing insights that are interesting beyond the obvious, although nowhere near as ground breaking as the blurb promises and as Lindstrom himself frequently claims in the text.

Review of Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

Crisis Cartoon Buoylogy 7, at 7: Traditional marketing methods no longer work and the reasons we think we buy are deceptive. In those circumstances, being more aware of how unconscious associations and desires motivate our buying behaviour will provide a crucial tool of defence and Buyology can certainly help in gaining such awareness.

Thanks for an easy to read and interesting post! Martin Lindstrom is as big a brand guru as they get, sitting on the boards of buyoolgy companies, CEO of a couple of successful brand agencies as well as a publisher of a branding blog with suummary audience of millions.

With the points you listed above Ivana is making me more eager to grab a copy of this book. The book is not epic sized; just shy of pages and the references and bibliography pages are loaded.

Be persuasive but realistic 2. This does sound like an interesting read. Have you ever investigated your Buyology? But then, unnecessary generalisation somehow spoils it: This site uses cookies. To get really woried about subliminal power of associations I would need to see a study that showed that a ‘craving spot’ in brains of non-smokers was activated by the Marlboro red and su,mary of a desert: