ETRS. 5X Advanced Broniew technologies for new imaging horizons! UUUUU. RIBES. LETTO m. El triu. BINIA BRONICA. ETRO. SORER. ZENZA BRONICA. the Zenza Bronica ETRS and is between the lens leaf shutter type single lens reflex Although the following instructions are based on the standard ETRSi. Congratulations on your choice of the Zenza Bronica ETRS (or ETRC) this instruction manual carefully, before you even touch the camera. However, if your .

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First the originals came with chrome winding cranks, while the Chrome ETRSi came with a standard black crank.

The film back holder EI has been improved with locking dark slide system similar to the older 6×6 Bronicas. The specifications of the camera remain unchanged. Simply rotate the magnifier frame in the counter-clockwise direction to unscrew.

Then, the film holder can be detached.

User Guide for Zenza Bronica Camera, Free Instruction Manual

When using Class M and Class F flash bulbs, they will synchronize at the shutter speed settings indicated in the above table. Clean the camera and lens carefully after using it outdoors in wet weather or at the seashore. A traditional bulb mode shutter setting is available instead of just T, but it consumes power while in use. Their main competing camera at the time was the Mamiya M Then, move the screen removal lever in the arrow-indicated direction, as illustrated.

Their previous cameras used focal plane shutterswith Nikon manufacturing the optics. Furthermore, keep the battery or batteries as well as the camera under cover, next to the body, and load the battery just before beginning the session.

There is no B bulb setting on the shutter speed dial. Then move the cover opposite to the arrow-indicated direction until it locks. Finder Interchangeability Various finders can be used interchangeably on the ETRS and will provide the user with dif- ferent viewpoints. Simply rotate the mahual ring and set the required distance opposite the green-colored index, which will adjust the lens for the required distance. Depth Of Field Tables To close the lens mannual. Thus, an extra film back or two will let a single ETRS do the work of several, manuxl example: Butkus, 29 Lake Ave.


Page 27 Automatic Close-Up Photography Automatic Close-up Photography Automatic close-up photography is possible with the ETRS, which makes close-up shooting very simple, contrary to the difficulties and limitations normally encountered when taking close-up shots.

Open the back cover when winding action becomes very light. Rotate the manual film winder on the right side of the film holder in the arrow-indicated direction, while checking the advancing film.

The depth of field scale shows the zone of apparent sharpness at any lens opening or distance and can be utilized for quickly and simply ascertaining the depth of field. The film advance gearing mechanism has been improved. Wipe the etd carefully with a well-wrung broonica cloth, using fresh water, if the exterior is affected by salty air.

The focusing screen can be exchanged, depending on the type of photographic work being undertaken. Furthermore, keep such batteries in an inside pocket.

Bronica ETR-Si Instruction Manual

Then, push in the negative end of the battery first and follow with the positive end. Seiko 0 Shutter speeds: Back to main camera manual page Problems opening PDF files or printing problems – click here. See the following page for T time exposures. These identical pairs of apertures indicate the distance that will be in focus at these lens openings. Accessory mount Exclusive Bronica accessory mount on left side of body.

Simply rotate the focusing ring and set the required distance opposite the green colored index, which will adjust the lens for the required distance. To attach the finder, align the front end of the finder with the front end of the find- er frame broinca top of the camera main body, as shown. The left-side shafts of both spool holders can be opened outwards, as illustrated.

This odd combination of colors might seem unusual, but all of them look good and work well together with the other standard black components. When the fresh film spool is properly loaded in the top spool holder, draw out the leading end of the film and turn it across the film pressure plate on the front side of the insert.


First, cock the shutter with the film winding crank and then shift the time exposure lever to the left looking from the body towards the lenswhich will expose a red-colored “T” on the barrel. All the backs have a film reminder tab holder, insert release latch and a darkslide system.

Film Type Indicator Frame. The letter mabual and number “15” are orange-colored while the other numbers and dots are white.

Bronica ETR – – The free camera encyclopedia

Therefore, the user should choose the type most suited for their work. Film Unloading Seal the exposed film and return it to its original box until development. Place the opening over the neck strap stud on the camera body and then pull strongly- on the strap, which will lock the fitting to the stud. The same is the case with extension tubes and bellows. Automatic Bellows Attachment E The accessory provides variable lens extensions continuously with Zenzanon-E lenses from 40mm to mm, with the lens shutter and lens diaphragm actions automatically coupled to the control circuit, upon attachment.

Zenza Bronica ETRS User Manual

For infrared photography– 1. The standard magnifier supplied with the waist-level finder has a power of The original winders feature a large half-circular flip up crank while other versions have smaller cranks, and one version does not have a crank at all, but a more basic winding knob. Depress the shutter release button with the ball of the finger.