Britishness since , by Paul Ward (London: Routledge, pp. £ pb. £). One underlying question runs through much. Britishness since by Paul Ward () A review by Joseph Hardwick Outline Britishness since is an academic. Read the full-text online edition of Britishness since ().

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Given its wide scope, it relies on the work of other historians in many ways but in parts it is based on archival research of printed and non-printed sources, on diaries, letters, newspapers, pamphlets and contemporary books. That four general elections were won by the Conservatives one under John Major, no less a Unionist than Thatcher should suggest the strength of Britishness in this period.

The End of British Politics? The Making of English National Identity.

Revisionist Scholarship and Modern Irish Politics. Stringer edsUniting the Kingdom: Afterdecolonisation in Africa and Asia saw the foundation of new nations and national identities; sometimes formed against the backdrop of war, as in Rwanda, sometimes through more peaceful transformation, as in South Africa. Continuities and varieties before But the economy had weakened.

I remain, after a ten years of academic research on national identity ambiguous in my attitude to Britishness. Popular Politics in Nineteenth Century England.


The three-volume collection of essays that emerged from a History Workshop conference inedited by Raphael Samuel, had their origins in seeking to understand the widespread British patriotism associated with the Falklands War. Haseler, The English Tribe: We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

The monarchy, weakened by the end of its imperial role, did however provide a sedative to relieve some of the pain of the loss of Empire.

British Fascism and Communism. Middleton edsWriting Englishness Creating the National Health Service. In addition, other identities have been held simultaneously with these identities of place. But the achievement of this progressive act is much more difficult than those like Nairn, my political allies in many ways, suggest. The British world also extended into the Empire, with millions claiming Britishness long after migrating from Britain or being born overseas, see for example, C.

Britishness has more often than not been compatible with a huge variety of other identities, and that has been one reason for its continuing hold. Forging the Nation was groundbreaking, locating the emergence of Britishness between andas a combination of the deeds of elites and common people.

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Many young people, Scots, Welsh and English, saw national identity as less britushness than a huge variety of other identities. Psychology Press- History – pages. See if you have enough points for this item.


Decentering America Jessica C. It is perhaps this fact that has led to strikingly different conclusions about its current health, or lack of it. The New Labour government of Tony Blair has sought to defend Sinve through developing political institutions in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, but also, with limited powers, in London with referendums in some English regions in the future.

Britishness since | The English Historical Review | Oxford Academic

This book seeks to explain the strength of Britishness, because it constantly amazes me: Expressions of Welsh and Scottish distinctiveness are seen as being demands for separation.

This book argues that in Britain between the s and the beginning brifishness the twenty-first century the majority of people in the United Kingdom came through such discussions of their national identities britushness a belief that they shared more in common, as Britons, than they had differences.

While there are certainly deep tensions, Britishness is still in formation. How to write a great review. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.