READ MANUAL FRST |. REAR DIFFERENTIAL & TRANSMISSION. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL. FRONT SUSPENSION. REAR SUSPENSION. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for Schumacher RC Schumacher Bosscat Manual Schumacher Citroen ZX Rally Raid Manual. TEAM SCHUWAGNER RACING. PE Schumacher. INSTRUCTION. MANUAL The BOSSCAT is a true competition bred off road racer designed so that.

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Eman77 Then, a buddy of mine was running it and did a nice powerslide into a parked car, and ripped one of the rear a-arms out of the tranny housing.

Schumacher BossCat Instruction Manual

The result was that the tranny plates weren’t a good fit, and the rear upper arm mount would not fit over them. But I wasn’t shooting for “uncontrollable”, and I heard that the is a good fit for a 4WD buggy. I was just getting into the RC hobby back then, but this thing bosecat the holy grail of RC to me.

This was pretty unique for the time, I believe again, in the mid 90s or so. The buggy held up fine, and was stoopid fast. I started with a brand new Bosscat body Schumacher still sells themand a plan – I boascat a tiger-striped Cat. The Schumacher instructions just seem to be lacking a bit Basically, after high school and a long gap of no RC for bksscatI got back into the hobby.

Now that I had a new tiger body, the classic white wheels would not do. Unfortunately, I never thought of the overspray problem, and these bodies don’t come with a protective film.

Schumacher Bosscat Manual

Not many Schumacher offroad threads in here I manuak fell in love. The 3 piece plastic covers and chassis design allow it to be really sealed up, which is crucial for all the slop I’ll be running this in. Talk about impossible parts support. Here are some pics of the TopCat, Cougar, and the original C. Because they dont make the packs anymore, so I’ll be upgrading to a new charger in the next year or so.


MOre pics too, of course. Send a private message to Eman Instead, they use a unique mating system. Actually, I have no idea how horrific or dominant their reign was, but I think they were pretty darn good, so just play along with me.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Here are a few more pics of the bosscat, as it arrived to me. And by overkill, I don’t mean that I don’t want speed. But as any self-respecting RCer knows, you just can’t let it be like that. Any way it goes, schumacher from all my manuall with them were fantastic. Send a private message to ElectricGuy I bet that bosscta a fun car to drive. However, I do prefer the plastic telescoping drive shafts on the Bosscat compared to the dog bones on the Durga.

Another random observation – the Tamiya instruction manual is superior to Schumacher’s. Durga doesn’t use the nice bling parts to do it plastic washers, spacers, etcbut it beats the crap out of e-clips.

Did you paint the tiger style body yourself? If you take your time and read carefully, the Tamiya instructions work very well. No doubt future vintage Schmacher owners will find this thread to be of great resource! Note that the undertray on the Bosscat has a lip that comes up, so you can velcro the body to the undertray – forms a real nice seal to keep dirt at a minimum!

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It was later determined that the inboard front shocks resulted in undesired handling characteristics, so they went with the typical front shock setup for future 2WD buggies, like the Cougar and Fireblade.

Additionally, there are eccentrics on the rear diff too, so rotating them adjusts the blsscat tension inside the transmission itself. Hope you enjoyed reading!


Schumacher Instruction Manuals

It’s time has just about passed with my ownership, so I figured it was time to share some info and pics about it, with some urging from a certain Mr. I ran it like you see above for a bit, then decided to take it a few steps further. So conclude this thread from my end anywaythe Bosscat is on the chopping block now, and a new Tamiya Durga kit is coming my way very soon. I had to customize. The Bcat transferred the power smoothly to the ground, and it was a bullet.

It features a carbon fiber chassis, including a CF upper deck, and CF rear shock mount and rear upper arm mount.

No doubt you’ll get plenty of money for it. I decided on the instead of the ormostly because this is an offroad basher. Yes, Tamiya simply has the best manual out there. Although I decided not to keep the Bosscat, something in me tells me I have to own a 4WD buggy of some kind, and I like the looks of the Durga too much to pass it up.

I remember building them when I was very young 3rd grade? Here are some pics of it, as given to me. My first impression was: I then pretty much free-hand traced out tiger stripes all over the inside of the body, then cut it out with an exacto knife. So the dirt protection is a plus, but I won’t be swapping in different motors for fun unless I have a strong desire to.