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Illustrated Luciferian Grimoire by Michael W. Lord of the Woods In the year there was a peasant named Pierre Burgot who was tending sheep while a large and fierce storm broke out.

Nachttoter translates “Night Killer – or Killer in the Night” being the power of this vampire as a predator within the casual realm, Varcolaci obtained. Raise the dagger and repeat: Face the sigil of the Red Dragon and the Wampyre – Varcolaci Pentagram and visualize fire and blood entering yuour being, filling you with violent and destructive energy – Demonic shapes for within your mind, shaping according to your desire.

Fly as the bat within the night and enjoy all that is being Vampyr. You are predator and it is your natural duty to feed from humans. That which does not progress, perishes! Take the phone off the hook, turn the TV off, and make sure distractions will be to a minimum.

No matter what name the Adversary has been called by, from the ancient Persian cult of Yatukih sorcerers Ahriman or Angra Mainyu, his Bride Jahi or Az, to the Hebrew Samael and Lilith, the Luciferian Current has remained strong beneath those ancient cultures. The Vampire as myth is a symbol of our dark desires, our wish to devour and compel to our Will alone.


The Ahrimanic Vampyre or Luciferian seeks to walk behind these scenes, seeking no political union, no lie filled policy nor a religious servitude which breeds ignorance. It is, during these times that awmphyri Vampyre may shape shift into any form according to Will. Behold, you are as god itself. Vampyres do now waphyri to any anthropomorphic being, in fact we only view the archetypal “Satan” as a power When the time for physical rest comes, the Vampyr boik then leave his physical body.

The form is according to will and can change when desired. Visualize plague and death infecting the intended opfer and the slow death which affects them.

We are made this by the desire to become, to master and will our desires flesh.

Books by Michael W. Ford (Author of The Bible of the Adversary)

Reject guilt, it is an emotion of feeble minded, knee bending Christians. O, great Wolf Spirit Heil!

As I have mentioned before, it is the willingness and creativity of Ford to look beyond worn-out Christian- and Hebrew-based demonology in search of black magick inspiration that marks his work as unique. Once you ahd so, begin to draw it in deeply, enjoy each slow drain until you are satisfied.

Michael Ford – Book of Wamphyri and Shadows (228.0 Kb)

Guilt is an emotion which drains your energy as well as creates other mistakes in its wake. A red and black candle may be burnt, of course totally optional and rather unimportant. Moonthirst Nocturnals do not fear death, as death only means returning to the infinite snadows, the Dragon’s Womb – as well as for the risen ones – Varcolaci – Vampyres who have achieved Immortality. It is now time to rise and fly the night sky.


Here is my Magical Library and Left Hand Path Books

You will want to feed upon a sleeping human, for the life force in this state is so pure. Once you have haunted the night and you are ready to return to your human form let your instincts guide you back to your dwelling Skip to main content.

The Ahrimanic Vampyre description displays the very concept of which the Black Order of the Dragon was founded upon. While actual human blood not animal holds psychic energies obtained in advanced vampyric rituals, BLOOD ESSENCE Astral lifeforce holds the highest significance for such, incorporated through many different levels, is the path or partial key for immortality. In the act he brought boredom to an end–and also many other things! The human skull represents the death of the human condition and rebirth.

Once you rise as Varcolaci observe your chamber and surroundings, look upon your sleeping body and absorb the feeling of pride of watching the sleeping human form in which you walk the earth in.