Vanessa soon discovered that bonobos live in a peaceful society in which females are in charge, war is nonexistent, and sex is as common and friendly as a. Bonobo Handshake has ratings and reviews. Eve said: If I have learned one thing from Congo, it is this: If there are those you love, whoever. Bonobo Handshake: A memoir of love and adventure in the Congo A young woman follows her fiancé to war-torn Congo to study extremely endangered bonobo.

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I bailed on this book just started reading. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the book. If there are those you love, whoever or wherever they are, hold them.

Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir | Science | Smithsonian

They didn’t just appear as soon as the first human plopped out of his or her mother’s womb. Schoolchildren learn that when bonobos are handshakw angry, the hug. This is part of a more general trend of handsgake extinction. Bipedal walking in captivity, as a percentage of bipedal plus quadrupedal locomotion bouts, has been observed from 3. Thank you for your feedback. She works with the organization, Friends of the Bonobos, that runs Lola. Woods gives one of the best accounts I’ve read of Congo’s history and the effect of that violence on the people who live there.

If we lose bonobos, we will never understand how they manage to live in a society without war. Which leads to the bonobos. The Bonobbo Society has conducted regional surveys within the range of the bonobo in conjunction with training Congolese researchers in survey methodology and biodiversity monitoring.

Vanessa is currently a Research Scientist at Duke Bohobo and studies the cognitive development chimpanzees and bonobos at sanctuaries in the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The way she dealt with her own experience sometimes seemed facile and lacking much boonbo in the gender dynamics of her own relationship.


DNA evidence suggests the bonobo and common chimpanzee species effectively separated from each other fewer than one million years ago. Vanessa noted that we hear a lot about Darfur and Rwanda, but very little about the Congo and bonobos. Bonobos are found only south of the Congo River and north of the Kasai River a tributary of the Congo[81] in the humid forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo of central Africa.

I’ve been interested hadnshake bonobos for quite awhile and learned so much from Ms. Retrieved 21 December It is only fun and games testing, no horrible medical testing.

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Multivariate analysis has shown bonobos are more neotenized than the common chimpanzee, taking into account such features as the proportionately long torso length of the bonobo. Oct 14, Ron Davidson rated it really liked it. I suppose some readers may have needed those descriptions to “get it. But more than that, repeatedly commenting on how the Congo is “a fucked up place” might be true but there’s a lot more going on than that.

While author Vanessa Woods does not shy away from the terrible truths and graphic depictions of violence in Africa and elsewhereshe also manages to infuse her writing with a sharp and oft-subtle wit that disarms you and get you through.

My only criticism is that on occasion, the book seems fairly repetitive and I found myself skimming a little bit over parts that I thought had already been adequately discussed. A Memoir of Love and Adventure handshakr the Congo.

Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo by Vanessa Woods

Walker’s Mammals of the World. Mammal Species of the World: I was leery of the book before I started, because of the mention of handshqke “love story” in the publisher’s blurb.

It is part memoir and part history lesson. I did this really fast between breaks at work, so if it doesn’t makes sense, sorry! It’s almost too easy to caricature the bonobos as free-love flower children, and Woods does make sure to tell us a few times about the way yandshake which they maintain this social structure.


Because resentment and anger are what you old on to when you have all the time in the world. Moreover, spontaneous—but not solicited—third party affiliation was affected by the bond between consoler and victim this supporting the Consolation Hypothesis.

A community of approximately will split into small groups during the day while looking for food, and then will come back together to sleep. The information she provided about Congo will haunt me forever. I was not expecting to fall in love, but I did. But they have been catapulted out of obscurity in the last couple decades, and Woods is one of the first generation of researchers to study them. Some of the most moving parts of the book are about the bonobo-bonobo and bonobo-people interactions, though it can veer at times into the sentimental.

All ape sanctuaries, including Lola, exist because of the bushmeat trade.

Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. Aug 14, Steve rated it it was amazing.

The violence against women is especially shocking to me. The more closely related the species is to humans, the bigger the reticence. As I said, this is a very moving handsbake informative book.

The story follows Woods and Hare through research experiments, moves from country to country and even during marital spats. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Lists with This Book. There are the people of the Congo who live in hope and come together to celebrate a soccer game.