Melissa de la Cruz is back with THE VAN ALEN LEGACY, her fourth Blue Bloods novel. Taking place under a New York City backdrop, the. I’m releasing the first chapter of the Van Alen Legacy here now, instead of in August. Blue Bloods: The Van Alen Legacy By Melissa de la Cruz. The Van Alen Legacy (a Blue Bloods Novel) by Melissa de La Cruz, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Her grandfather has just been murdered by the Silver Bloods, but the Conclave thinks she did it. Wikipedia is not a very reliable source. A society of powerful and influential Americans whose ancestors can be traced back for centuries.

The Van Alen Legacy (a Blue Bloods Novel)

View all 3 comments. Or is it just the freak in me noticing these things?

How to write a great review. Esther During the Renaissance eraLucifer disguised himself as Michael and tricked Gabrielle nlue thinking that he was her twin, and then i guess somehow …more During the Renaissance eraLucifer disguised himself as Michael and tricked Gabrielle into thinking that he was her twin, and then i guess somehow Gabrielle became pregnant and gave birth to Azazel, who later reincarnated as Legcy Stanford and then Bliss Llewellyn less.

I think that how thinks worked out was the right hlue and I’ll dye waiting till next book comes out. Mimi’s realization that Jack didn’t deserve her, plus her determination to give him the punishment he deserves for backing out of their vow are great, and I only hope that Melissa de la Cruz sticks with that.

Still lost on what’s going on. Schuyler kept count, thinking that maybe once she avn a magical number it would stop hurting. The Cycle The length of a human life. When he “gives” her to Jack, Oliver is acknowledging Schuyler’s feelings. The only people around were American and Japanese tourists who mobbed every museum gallery, every garden in every public square, inescapable and ubiquitous in their white sneakers and baseball caps.


The Van Alen Legacy (a Blue Bloods Novel) : Melissa de La Cruz :

Dec 02, Janelle Dazzlepants rated it it was amazing Shelves: Saying boots simply could just be enough for us.

The chapters are written in third person voice, and the narrative voice is roughly the same for each one. Teens don’t and this series shouldn’t be directed at them, although it clearly is. Producers have not yet announced who will direct the movie. Normally, I devour sequels in a day, but this took me four.

She loves Oliver now, no feelings for Jack. Girl She Used to Be, The. Even though no love is lost between Oliver and Jack as they legwcy for Schuyler’s heart, both human and vampire will have to unite if the Silver Bloods are going to be defeated. What were we thinking?

So the story continues. View all 10 comments. Not to worry, love is still in the air for the young vampires of the Upper East Side. Is her mother right? I guess when it comes down to it, I just don’t care that much.

Blue Bloods (novel series) – Wikipedia

Is it the year of adventure and near death slen that has caused Mimi to reevaluate her life, or has she only just found someone that allows her to be as she truly is? May 09, Magen marked it as to-read.

He is “Enmortal” and therefore does not adhere to the cycles of birth and death as other vampires do; he remains in the same physical shell for centuries. It tells the story of what Oliver was going through during the events in the previous book. Mimi learns that Jack has been found by the Venators that she had sent to lrgacy for him, but he refuses to turn himself in. The author could have just named her Skyler And one day she will be even more powerful.

The Van Alen Legacy

It was nice seeing a softer side of Mimi in Rio, but after what Jack has done, she really shouldn’t back down. According to the Conclave, she was his killer.


And will never do Being her mother’s unncorrupted daughter has made Schuyler the Blue Bloods last hope, but despite the fact that she has embraced her task, she has managed to run from the biggest similarity that she and her mother share, until now.

She depended on him for so much, and her love for him had only deepened in the year they had spent together. We also learn a lot about the history of the Blue Bloods and the Croatan betrayal, which all ties into real history, which was really interesting.

When she is kissed at the party by a mysterious masked vampire, she presumes that it is Jack, only to later suspect it was someone else. Its among the top vampire books I am actually interested to read and know what gonna happen in the end.

I’m too much of a feminist to enjoy either the tortured gender roles or angst in this series. It states that Red Blood humans are not to be vlue, but respected, so that the Blue Bloods will bring peace to the world.

These files contain detailed descriptions and information on the characters in the series. Nlue what will the shocking return of a tortured vampire say about where Schuyler’s allegiance lies? He changed his last name to Force after Allegra broke their bond. I like Sky and Jack meeting together again and poor Oliver being Oliver, his usual sweet self even if he knows at this point he doesn’t really stand a chance.

Isabella of Orleans has offered them protection as they pursue their mission, but they quickly realize that Isabella’s offer is more like imprisonment than protection, and they devise a plan to escape and continue their quest to locate the Gates of Hell.