On Josephus in the Biblical Errancy newsletter: McKinsey: “This passage is so obviously spurious that it is astonishing to find a single theologian left in our time . The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Josh said: Anyone who claims themselves to be Christian needs to read this book, and b. This important new volume is the most comprehensive critique of the Bible ever written. Author C. Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans.

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Dennis McKinsey

Refresh and try again. He wrote as an educated Jew and as a craftsman with a point to prove to his readers, and it is our own fault that it has taken us so long to “get the point” ourselves.

Life in a besieged city was harsh in ancient times; this is no more offensive than pictures of starving Third World children. From there, it is logical to deduce that whatever the distance between Jerusalem and Olivet was the distance of such a journey.

It is unrealistic to expect to convince someone who approaches the text with different assumptions that certain facts are present and that certain deductions and hypotheses are reasonable. As far as his remark that apologists love the copying error excuse because there is no way that it can definitely be checked, I find myself in the bizarre situation of being psychoanalyzed by a man who has never met me. Is God the Author of Evil or Not?

Steve rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Just read it cold? With that said i still think this book is worth the 4 stars that i gave it.


Selected pages Title Page. Many of the things he brings up as points have reasons behind them that appear to be equally as valid as some of his reasons against them metaphors, cultural explainations, etc. Item 3 claims that “it is extremely doubtful that James is understood by Josephus to be the physical brother of Jesus, since brotherhood might very well mean only that he belonged to the Jesus sect or was one of the brethren.

I am endeavoring in this essay to show that for those who take the innocent-until-guilty approach to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek autographa of Scripture and are willing to let possible evidence convince them that there is a reasonable case against inerrancy, the items addressed in this essay brought forth as evidence by McKinsey fall substantially short of convincing proof. Concerning the second objection: First of four chapters with Jesus as focus. I personally would like to hear McKinsey give this speech at a seminar for textual criticism and have him defend his words reasonably.

McKinsey, in raising questions of the sanity of the Biblical authors, has already “presumed” a certain value judgment in that regard. For myself, it is to be expected with certainty that even if four people faithfully describe a person and selected events in that person’s life, there will be items that appear to be hard or even next to impossible!

The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy

The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy. Atheists who purchase this to gain “ammunition” are going ddennis be frustrated when they receive appologetic responses for nearly every point he brings up some rather logical, admittedly some not.


My appointed time is near. I can vouch for my fallibility, and it is a safe bet that most people will vouch for their own as well. McKinsey was highly skeptical of claims from the Bible which he believed contained many errors, contradictions, and fallacies.

I approach the Scriptures from the view that the Biblical texts in question are innocent biblicwl error until proven guilty. McKinsey fails to mention that we have no Roman mckinset from the time of Jesus concerning any judicial execution performed by a provincial governor — or for that matter, any record of anything from a provincial governor’s office. Both statements are mckinseu when all information is known. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Does he promise and not fulfill? Two paragraphs endorsing the “pagan borrowing” notion.

The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy by C. Dennis McKinsey

This is much equal to McKinsey’s advice to read the Bible “like a newspaper”, only here it is implied that we should read it like a true-false test. In evaluating McKinsey’s many claims, we must thus ask the question dennnis whether a reasonable amount of clarifying information has been presented along with the conflicting texts.

The key to studying the differences and divergences in the gospels is to always remember that style, structure, idiom, and syntax are flexible creatures. Many points in the book are easily refuted. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Here was an admittedly a slip by CRI’s rep.