Made in Italy. Bezzera is an Italian company, exporting authentic Made in Italy around the world. All of the production phases, from assembly to final inspection, . Find great deals for Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I read your review and am glad you are happy with the Bezzera, information has been somwhat sparse on this machine but growing. As you.

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No profanity, illegal acts or personal attacks will be tolerated in these discussion boards. Cona B, Aeropress Drip: Vibiemme Domobar Double Grinder: Learn how your comment data is processed. The Elektra A3with a 6L boiler and W heating element, leads the pack bezzer 34 seconds. You want to get all bezzer stainless steel off the TOP part of the machine, excluding the front where all bezzer buttons are and the rear panel behind the water reservoir.

Originally Posted by doody So no, it isn’t ‘all’ the barista. Then I gently popped off bezzsra plastic side panel. No cross posting allowed – do not post your topic to more than one forum, nor repost a topic to the same forum. Even after the puck has expanded, there should be no shower screen marks on it after the shot. The thermal setup on the Livia is a largish 6 ounce or so heat exchanger in a vertical boiler, with much of the stored water in the steam, feeding a light weight brew head bolted to the boiler.


CoffeeGeek – Espresso: Espresso Machines, Bezzera BZ02 Initial Impressions

Bravi Posted Mon Apr 15,5: Posted April 11, link Mmm, no. For my work’s staff room machines,I don’t hesitate You can see the posts that click in to your machine on the photo so you know where to expect resistance. If that piece was pulled out of the hose the nut could be slid off.

If a person knew how to work with these types of fittings, he could cut the tubing shorter and reattach. I have bezzerw extremely old Bezzera with similar operational proformance and it heats in just five minutes,super clean inside though. They are essentially two different routes to the same goal.

Then I undid some screws holding the stainless steel warming rack, water tank lid, etc. If you push it, it will click back on. Let us know how things go with your new machine. If you unscrew the nut it will should not hurt the fitting or seal. Posted Wed Apr 17,5: It is a seperate device mounted to the boiler. Mike28a Senior Member Bezera I love coffee Espresso: La Cimbali Max Hybrid. I have heard that the Bezzera has a lot of steam power, and the stock tip makes it hard to steam milk in a controlled manner.

Originally Posted by MarkMarynaBris.

Can Photos be posted? These machines last a long time years often surviving neglect.

Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine

Content, code, and images may not be reused without permission. The streams also looked quite watery. Posted Fri Apr 13, About Copyright bezzerra Disclaimers Contact.


The BZ produces a drink that bears no resemblance to anything I’ve had before. This site uses cookies. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take down the cups and the perforated tray they sit on the see if the sound goes away.

Bezzera BZ – Espresso Machines – Coffee Forum

I would recommend you plug a hole or two in the steam tip with a broken off toothpick while you learn In real life, my name is Wayne P. I can’t seem to find the reset button on it. Originally Posted by matth3wh. There are lots of reviews of the Livia 90 on CoffeeGeek and elsewhere.

I get a really good shot that fits your ideal description every 10 or so shots. Hi Mark Maryna I used to own one of these machines. I’d expect cups to make the same noise whether you’re pulling a real shot or pulling a blank.

Any registered CoffeeGeek member can post new topics. I ordered the non-plumbed-in version on March 1 and haven’t gotten the delivery yet. Well after the fact he reported it took him a very long time to get up to speed on it. Silvia, Cimbali M32 Grinder: