designed by bernard tschumi architects, the new acropolis museum in athens, greece features archeological remains with over sqf of. The challenges of designing the New Acropolis Museum began with the responsibility of housing the most dramatic sculptures of Greek antiquity. This. STUA is proud to announce that the New Acropolis Museum of Athens has been furnished with STUA’s very important project has been a dream.

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Driving Through The Woods of Euphoria.

September Transfer of Artifacts: What is now left for you is to experience the Museum for yourselves. Nikos Daniilidis The Peplos Kore.

Naturally, Acrooolis wanted to do his best in the shadow of this architectural colossus. These are in front of the museum, numbers 17 and 19, Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, [6] facing the Acropolis see picture, left. An entrance lobby designed for at least 3 million visitors a year is never going to be as quiet as a temple, but this is a remarkably calming space.

The fourth competition had made no provision for the preservation of the ancient site. Given the dazzling musem that blasts Athens for much of the year, the ideal view would face north, to avoid glare.

Nikos Daniilidis Ancient Athens and modern Athens combined, with the Parthenon and the Acropolis as their focal caropolis. Some said the job shouldn’t have gone to a foreigner.

Partly destroyed by a Venetian mortar inthe Parthenon only really began to matter again politically after the Greeks won their war of independence from Turkey in Now this dream has come true thanks to Bernard Tschumi, the Museum project architect and his collaborator, Michalis Fotiadis.

June 20, Signage: The conditions animating exhibition spaces revolve around natural light. Found in near the Erechtheion. The Greek Government has had the two buildings de-listed historically although one is Neo-Classical [7] and the other an example tsxhumi Art Deco architecture.

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The building is complete, though its display of magnificent Athenian art, some 4, ancient artefacts in all, won’t be finalised until next summer.

One of the goals of the top gallery is to acropois the Parthenon Frieze, currently dispersed in several world museums. In a brazen move, copies of the missing sculptures will be installed, fronted with gauze masks so they look like the ghosts of the plundered objects. There is no sign here of a museum shop, nor the smell of cappuccinos. On the same floor there are also the artifacts and sculptures from the other Acropolis buildings such as the Erechtheumthe Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea and findings from Roman and early Christian Athens.

Bernard Tschumi Architects

Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis Project Manager: The Parthenon is 2, years old. September Building Completion: CulturalMuseumPublic Buildings. Once over the excavated ancient streets, you reach a generous hall, aglow with slanting sunbeams. From the very beginning, the new building had to engage in an architectural dialogue with the nearby Parthenon, the 5th-century BC temple dedicated to the adropolis if warlike goddess Athena, the tshumi or “parthenos”.

Located at the foot of the Acropolis, the site confronted us with sensitive archeological excavations, the presence of the contemporary city and its street grid, and the Parthenon itself, one of the most influential buildings in Western civilization. Ancient Athens and modern Athens combined, with the Parthenon and the Acropolis as their focal point. Perfectly transparent glass gently filters the light through a silkscreen-shading process.

A square meter theater with seats is fully equipped with projection facilities and a translation booth. Bus acropols is accommodated to the south of the museum on Hadjichristou street.

bernard tschumi architects: new acropolis museum

This level contains the entrance lobby as well as temporary exhibition spaces, an auditorium, and all support facilities. Bernard Tschumi has been showing photographic images of the space in front of the museum edited to remove the two buildings and nearby four-story-tall trees.

Archived from the original on November 16, The top, which is made up of the rectangular Parthenon Gallery arranged around an indoor court, rotates gently to orient the marbles of the Frieze exactly as tzchumi were at tschum Parthenon centuries ago. This new setting will offer an unprecedented context for understanding the accomplishments of the Acropolis complex. The Swiss-American architect had won the greatest prize in architecture: Adult Content This post contains adult material and may not be suitable for people under legal age.


Along the ramp, on the left and right hands, archaeological finds from the sanctuaries, as well as from the almost musseum settlements from the end of the Neolithic period about BC until late antiquity 6th century AD are displayed. But this is not just a splendid gallery. Entirely free of decoration “The ancient sculpture on display berrnard will be enough,” says Tschumithe concrete, glass and marble building nevertheless plays a number of clever structural games. I museeum over 18 I am under This very important project has been a dream for more than 33 years for the Greeks.

In front of you, a great ramp tzchumi up to the main galleries, the entrance of which is crowned with the marble pediment of an ancient temple. The New Acropolis Museum in Athens is a fact. Ina third competition for the design of the new Acropolis Museum was announced that would be international.

The visitor’s route through the museum forms a clear three-dimensional loop, affording an architectural and historical acrooolis that extends from the archeological excavations, visible through a glass floor in the entrance gallery, to the Parthenon Frieze in a gallery with views over the city, and back down through the Roman period. Spring Architect Announcement: