20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Thought id start a. The aim for this project is to study and learn the working principle of John C. Bedini’s Simple School Girl (SSG) Energizer. John C. Bedini had released the. I think John Bedini has the solution to “tap” into it, as well as others. so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

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The current setup was to test atypical coils in parallel.

It also motivates us to be proactive. Charging the supply Quote: Lawmakers know that it will take some kind of beneficial distraction to keep their subjects under control. Thanks, lets hurry up and figure this out enegizer Research also shows that pessimism promotes passivity and hopelessness. An other obstacle which has to be overcome first is the state of consciousness.

John Bedini Energizers 1

Obviously, the motor is going to run off the battery, but by conventional thinking it will stop when the battery runs down. This much of the circuit is perfectly ordinary. Retarded timing of slave coils have given me the best charge rate but reduced torque. That baby really hums. Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription. Have a friend of the forum who posted a circuit that is using transistors in seriesI ‘m trying to use the connection type that he usedI join my circuit to it.

It is wrapped on a spool and will have a a bundled welding rod core. Thought id start a thread hear since i only found out about this forum the other day and its been a while since ive talked experiments with anyone just getting back into it but i still have the passion.


I have read through the BFW thread and remember JB saying that alternating magnets were not necessary. Now we eneergizer a switching device, called a controller, which breaks up power to the motor in pulses. Find all posts by alvarohn. We will not control the power of the oneness before we see the oneness in creation and live our lifes in this way.

By openly releasing my work in this paper, I am providing enough information for all the tinkerers enegrizer independent inventors around the world to have at it.

20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer

I am suggesting optimism. High quality laser cut adjustable plastic frame that comes partially assembled. I have built the SG instead of the Window unit as I believe it is a more scalable model. I still use the north side of the coil, but it is reversed from the other two which means the current flow is geometrically reversed from the other 2 coils.

Results 1 to 10 of This is the first proof of true OU that I have seen. Find all posts by Shin. energizre

Page 1 of 2. The regulators of the world would be quite happy creating new taxes on the sudden exploding enterprise of creating new devices that would utilize this new source. I will say that just reading these boards the past few weeks, you guys are a hell of a lot further along than we were 10 years ago. The device itself was powered by two 12v car batteries. We’re really about to figure this stuff out.

It’s the approach from matter to spirit, wich is slow, boring and paved by nessesary mistakes. Specifically, we are NOT furnishing ordinary current to the battery, and we are not doing work on it from the energizer. This gives the shaft a real load demonstrating that real mechanical work is performed while moving air. I’m eager to hear ANY results. Originally Posted by Energizet Gordon.

The Internet can also be a good thing. Are you sure you have drawn it correctly? We can also take bank wires – but please fill out the order form first, scan it and email it to info at energyscienceforum dot com and request the bank wire instructions. Bediini hope you are not running energiaer at the same time you are charging the batteries – the spikes WILL kill the electronics in the inverter.


PLEASE show a circuit here how you think ive expland this before you try this or i can draw one for you before you try this as i dont want you to blow up all your hard work you have done and i be responsible for this as this is difficult to explain as i dont know your full skill set.

Peace and Love to the World. But it starts with the courage to expose it through usable technology. Bedini Energizzer Specifications – Really? The way to do it is by resonance but not in common sense of RLC resonance but make output of device with proper relation to input so we can loop energy back making it almost self-sufficient.

Last edited by erfinder; at Copyright – energyscienceforum.

I refuse to chase the next “shiny object” until I have exhausted all possibilities of usable power amplification with this unit. His device is free running after initial start up. Originally Posted by Leviathan Unfortunately I had the same experience with Bendini motor systems, If he has built a OU motor its not one of the published diagrams. All times are GMT. You must be careful, for the device is a little tricky to adjust in and synchronize all the resonances.

This is exactly the same energy that EE’s throw out of the circuit by shorting it to ground!