Balm in Gilead plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Meet the colourful and often desperate characters of New York’s seedy underworld in Lanford Wilson’s critically-acclaimed play. Director. They really don’t make ’em like “Balm in Gilead” anymore, which is probably for the best. Now marking its 40th anniversary, Lanford Wilson’s.

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Still, the play could have passing interest as a museum piece if given a production that captured the lazy rhythms of its language and the casual menace of its tone.

Balm in Gilead (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

Director Eric Nightengale works valiantly to coordinate the inhabitants of a sleazy city diner, juggling a massive group of characters that launch various complaints ln their lives. He aims for a symphonic effect, raising the volume on one conversation at a time while the rest hum softly in the background.

Occasionally, the scoring works to create a palpable, kinetic life. Mostly, though, the cast remains tentative, waiting too politely for one snatch of dialogue to end before starting the next. Therefore, outbursts from, say, the tranny hooker or the alcoholic poet feel labored instead of visceral. Such tidy chaos sucks energy off the stage and leaves all the debauchery feeling rehearsed.


Balm in Gilead

Little improves outside the crowd yilead, when Wilson tosses us the crust of a plot about Darlene Anna Chlumskya naive young prostitute trying to find love with drug-dealing Joe Francisco Solorzano and friendship with fellow call-girl Ann Victoria Malvagno. The leads tend to founder alone as much as they do in the ensemble. At the very least, she qilson clear acting choices as she wends through awkward flirtations and a minute flashback monologue.

Her Darlene is a terrified child, with jittery hands belying the fear beneath her grinning attempt at universal friendliness. Granted, she could mine a few more emotions from the role, but Chlumsky — along with baln gruffly maternal Malvagno — seems like a genius next to the other major players.

Balm in Gilead by Lanford Wilson

Solorzano especially succumbs to the twitchy tics and hyperenunciated speech that so poorly lanfkrd inner turmoil. Malvagno distresses her wares with the perfect number of rips and dirt patches, offering this production a rare instance of a fully realized vision.


Directed by Eric Nightengale.

Lighting and sound, Nightengale; costumes, Malvagno; fight choreography, Jerzy Gwiazdowski; production stage manager, Joanna Jacobsen. I’m officially co-producing this show.

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You will be redirected back i your article in seconds. Now marking its 40th anniversary, Lanford Wilson’s desperate ode to ’60s-era hookers, druggies and queers bears the conspicuous mark of a departed theatrical moment. Premier Logo Created with Sketch.

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