The gafftopsail catfish (Bagre marinus) is one of the species of most importance to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly in the coastal region of Tabasco. Annual reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus (Ariidae) in a tropical coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Ciclo reproductivo anual del. Taxonomic Notes: Bagre marinus is a species complex that includes two species, Bagre marinus sensu strictu and Bagre bahiensis (Betancur and Marceniuk.

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First record of partial albinism in the temperate rocky reefs fish Acanthistius patachonicus Insertae sedis off Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.

Sampling problems are evident in the present study, particularly the lack of samples during August likely an important month of the reproductive season. Algunos aspectos reproductivos del bagre rayado, Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Linnaeus, Pisces: Bbagre were acquired from the web site of the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre The gafftopsail feeds throughout the water column.

Maximum values were registered in May Journal of Fish Biology 53, However the frequency distribution of oocyte diameter can be important in defining the spawning type of a given species Vazzoler Pimelodidae en la Laguna Grande, Maturin, Venezuela.

Despite the aforementioned aspects high economical and ecological importancethere is neither ecological nor biological information about this species in the coastal zone of Tabasco State, the present study being the first scientific report to deal with the subject.

The standard length of the albino specimen was mm and the gutted weight was g.

A case in albinism in Batrachoides surinamensis Batrachoidiformes: In males it could be observed that during the rainy season in September and October a decrease in the number of individuals captured and fullness stomachs occurred. Ariidae de la costa sur de la Isla Margarita, Venezuela.

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Journal of Ichthiology 10, The proportion of stomach fullness stomachs with food was expressed as a percentage. This reinforces the hypothesis that the season of reproductive event and spawning doe not have significant variation along years.

The lack of coloration in albinos has been suggested to increase susceptibility to predation or render them less attractive for reproduction Sandoval-Castillo et al. A case of complete albinism in the marine cat fish Tachysurus dussumieri Cuvier and Valenciennes.

Los hábitos de alimentación del bagre Bagre marinus (Ariidae) en Costa Paraíso, Tabasco, México

June 26, in CatfishPoison Tags: American Zoologist 21, Discussion The apparent absence of well-defined seasons in many tropical regions, mainly in temperature, has supported the argument that it is difficult to find clear patterns in reproduction of fish species.

Relative lack of variation of diet in different seasons was observed in other species of catfishes such as C.

The tyrosinase gene family and albinism in fish. It is not only the first record of albinism of the Bagre genus, but of any kind of fish in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.

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Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated and has bwgre yet been reviewed. A field guide to Atlantic coast fishes of North America. The incidence of albinism can be artificially increased in fish by exposing the eggs to heavy metals e. Record of complete albinism in marine catfish, Osteogeneiosus militaris Linnaeus,landed at Mumbai.


Flesh considered good; marketed fresh Ref. Therefore, the year maarinus be divided into two climatic periods: You can sponsor this page.

Gafftopsail catfish

A review of reproduction and development in the fork-tailed catfishes Ariidae. They are attracted to the sound of struggling fish, like a popping cork creates. This hypothesis is reinforced by the monthly variation in sex proportion during these months and November, when we noticed a progressive decrease in the number of males. Although, there is neither ecological nor biological information about this species in the coastal zone of Tabasco State.

In Tabasco, this landing volume is mainly sustained by the bottom long line used by the artisan fleet, which fishes in the coastal zone. From May to October mean surface water temperature was The anal fin is a few inches anterior to the tail and is white or pale blue, with rays on it and a high, anterior lobe.

Abstract The gafftopsail catfish Bagre marinus is one of the species of most importance to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly in the coastal region of Tabasco State, where it is captured abundantly almost all year round in shallow coastal zones.

This finding was consistent with a decrease in the proportion of captured males during these months from The catch depth ranged from 10 to 40 m.