Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya with English translation and exhaustive introduction by Kanoo Mal published in On other page(s): History and calligraphy of the The Avadhuta Gita Source: # 73 to 75, Reprinted from Abhayananda, S., Dattatreya: The Song Of The Avadhut . THE AVADHUT GITA, or Avadhuta Gita, may be called an ancient non-dual text. Several errors in Hari Prasad Shastri’s English translation (1st edition, ).

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then since I am Reality, there can be no idea of prayer or worship.

Avadhuta Gita – Wikipedia

Absence of the mind makes It no clearer. I am not separate from Reality. I know neither joy nor pain; whom can they touch?

There vita not the least shadow of name or form in the Infinite, nor is there unity or diversity in me. The singer of the Dattagreya Gita is Dattatreya, an Avadhuta, and according to the Nath Sampradaya, the work was heard and transcribed by two of Dattatreya’s disciples—Swami and Kartika. All this world is a magic show, like a mirage in the desert. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The idea of “Maya” is itself the great delusion; Duality and non-duality are merely concepts of the mind. Neither that which is imagined, nor the imagination exist in you; know that cause and effect touch you not. Shake off all ideas of relativity; shake off all superstitions; let caste and birth and Devas and all else vanish. See It in all. Blessed am I; in freedom am I. I am beyond the senses, I am knowledge and bliss. Self is unapproachable by the emotions, is ever formless and independent.


T here are no divine scriptures, no world, no imperative religious practices; There are no gods, no classes or races of men, No stages of life, no superior or inferior; There’s nothing but Brahman, the supreme Reality. Sanskrit Terms Defined in English. It is all One, whether we live in a hut in retirement, or in a house with many kinfolk, for Self is free from the multitude as from solitude.

AVADHUTA GITA | ever-free

How, then, can you imagine that the Self Is either blissful or not blissful? Such is the Avadhut, free from birth and death. Space-like, the water of Immortality am I. My beloved mind, why do you cry?

I qvadhuta rootless, and without root, free from smoke, and smokeless am I, without a lamp, and lightless am I, equanimity am I, like a sun ever risen.

Reader, avahuta you exist? The one Self, the supreme Reality, Neither creates, nor sustains, nor destroys anything. When were you two, that you talk of two or one? How, then, could you think to know the Self? Do not cry, mind, all is Reality. No instructions and no rituals are there for me. Birth and death exist not in the mind, not in you, as do also bondage and liberation. It cannot be said “It was all before. The wise man does not strive for anything, not even for good conduct, righteousness or liberation.

They know not the Truth, which is above both. Self is not male or female, nor is It neuter; neither is It happiness nor suffering. Indian Buddhist Tantra Anuttarayoga Dattatrsya. It walks not on the earth, the wind cannot move It, the water cannot cover It, It stands in the middle of inner, subtle light. Yita 2 through 7.

Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya

Neither can it be said that It is to be known by the absence of action. I cannot say whether the world is nothingness or if it is partly real and partly unreal, or, if like a flowing river though ever-changing, it is in fact real as avadhuuta whole. The text has been influential on the Nath tradition of Hinduism, states Rigopoulos, and its teachings form a foundation of their Sama-rasya doctrine:.

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Those who desire to acquire this eternal bliss and of communicating it to others through their teaching, must give up all sensuous pleasures, more especially those which arise from sex union. Free from attachment and aversion, free from imperfections am I, fate and providence exist not in me.

W hen you know all this universe of forms To be as vacant as the sky, Then you’ll know Brahman; Duality will forever cease to be. I forgot my three great sins.

The world exists like a mirage within me. Know that the whole of the universe is forever unchanging. The law of cause and effect touches It not. Monday February 15, Become aware of the indivisible Self. How then can one pray to It? How can it be said that the Self is limited? The universe is this Holy One and He alone. Want to Read saving…. The Self is free from day and night, and therefore the conception of Its pilgrimage in dattatrey and space is no true one. The term Advaita non-dual refers to its idea that the soul true Self, Atman is the same as the highest metaphysical Reality Brahma.

To him it is all One.