ASTM A/AM: Standard Specification for Castings, Austenitic-Ferritic ( Duplex) Stainless Steel, for Pressure-Containing Parts. Designation: A/AM − 13Standard Specification for Castings, Austenitic- Ferritic (Duplex) Stain. CD3MN; 4A. Cast UNS: J Cast Grade: CD3MN; 4A. Cast ASTM: A, A, 4A (CENT, INVEST, SAND). Wrought UNS: S Wrought Grade:

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K November 21, at 8: Material casting Material technology, such as ductile iron, carbon steel, gray iron, stainless steel, malleable iron and alloy. All standards from internet, only for study usage.

Thanks for your interesting, but Article is protected! A only requires post-weld heat treatment if Supplementary Requirement S33 is imposed on the purchase order.


Texas Manufacturing Expands Modestly, Outlook. ASTM A was reapproved without changes in Benefits of using Duplex Stainless Steel Similar corrosion resistance to Type Greater tensile and yield strength Good ductility and toughness Good stress corrosion satm resistance SSC Duplex stainless steel is designed to combine improved resistance to stress corrosion cracking including sulfide stress corrosion crackingpitting, crevice corrosion and high strength when compared with other stainless alloys.

It is also roughly double the strength of standard austentic stainless steels. Emerson Completes Acquisition of iSolutions Inc. ASTM A lists tensile property requirements, but does not require that the tensile tests actually be performed.


It finds applications due to both excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Any casting that meets A also meets A Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.

Duplex Stainless Steels

Despite Oil Prices Post: This alloy resists chloride environments and sulfide qstm corrosion. Each casting must be hydrostatically tested. New Products Prev Next Rotork: The standard duplex S A F51 composition has been refined over many years, and the resulting composition range was endorsed as UNS S in The steel castings shall be heat-treated up to required temperature and shall undergo water quenching or rapid cooling by other means aa995 heating.

However, A imposes some additional requirements: Also see alternate Duplex Cross Reference, click here.

A Grade 5A ASTM :: Total Materia

Investment Casting Tech investment casting technology Die Casting Tech die casting technology, die casting process. A provides a definition for major weld repairs and requires post-weld heat treatment i.

Metal melting, metal casting, resin sand casting and green sand casting. Sand casting Tech sand casting technology, from material to pouring theory. I would like to know whether therre is a casting equivalent for A Gr.

The duplex stainless steels offer a combination of enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion resistance when properly balanced in composition and properly heat treated. However, one thing is clear-materials are not added in these codes unless the parent specification requires tensile testing to ensure that the product being supplied actually meets the minimum mechanical properties upon which the design is based.


Valve Material F51 S Super Duplex F55 Steel ANSI ASME | Global Supply Line

Looking for a career in the Valve Industry? Lost Foam Castings Lost foam casting products, ductile iron pipe fittings, valves Low Pressure Die Castings Lost pressure die casting products, mainly aluminum alloy casting products. Your email address will not be published. This specification covers austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, and other pressure-containing parts. What is the difference between these specifications? All steels shall undergo tension test, and shall conform to the following mechanical requirements: As such, many piping specifications include references to ASTM A and its various duplex grades for piping components such as valves.

Gravity Die Castings Die casting products, mainly are cast aluminum alloy and zinc alloy with good dimensions. Shale Work Up in U.

Certification must be provided listing the chemical analysis of the heat and the mechanical property test results. New Washer Application Search Tool. Duplex S provides excellent guaranteed corrosion resistance, but it should be noted much of the Duplex S currently produced also dual conforms with Duplex S Latest Post Popular Links Events. Emerson Completes Acquisition of iSolutions I.

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