This page contains information about the Version User Manual (English) for the CSV from Arturia. This page contains information about the Version User’s Manual for the CS- 80V from Arturia. This page contains information about the User’s Manual for the CSV from Arturia.

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This will play the sound as soon as a key is pressed, and mute it when released. Turn the knob to the right for a positive value After this agturia is set, the cut-off frequency will vary in a cyclic manner, to the frequency of LFO1.

We will only use the first the one above for this example. It is always a good idea to first check if a more up-to-date version is available online; if so, it is safe to install directly from the latest update: By installing the software on your computer you agree to these terms and conditions. We are confident it will prove to be an extremely valuable addition to your music production studio. Simply click on the ribbon while playing a note on the master keyboard or in the sequencer, and move the mouse horizontally to change the pitch.

On each line of synthesis, there is an oscillator that can generate square, triangle, sawtooth, and sine signals. A series of 24 buttons of factory presets will give you base examples for the programming of synthesis parameters.

Each of the 4 zones has a different single sonority the singles named 1, 2, 3 and 4. On the CSV2, you have access to 3 different types of maunal. By this way it is very easy to quickly get some new and exiting sounds without programming anything on the synthesizer interface.

Control of artutia two lines of synthesis On each line of synthesis, there is an oscillator that can generate square, triangle, sawtooth, and sine signals. Page 63 You can choose the threshold of the filter by lowering the filter frequency. Each sub-bank contains within itself a certain number of presets. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


A new window appears over the CSV2 main interface. The sound map also offers brand new interface for creating new sounds thanks to a morphing feature between four presets.


The ring modulator allows the application of a waveform a sinusoid to another, in order to transform it. Another example would be to use the ring modulator only on one voice in order to limit intermodulation effects, and so forth. The new preset is created, recording the current settings of the CSV. The complete risk as to the quality and performance of the programs is with you.

A preset contains all of the information pertaining to the reproduction of a sound. Saving in the application does not imply saving the current preset. Artufia the original CS this hatch held four mechanical preset selectors.

The keyboard is weighted and has a full 61 keys with performance controllers for vibrato, pitch, brightness and volume.

The resulting waveform is unique in that it cannot be created by standard synthesis techniques such as layering or filtering. The green arrow shows you the starting point of your motion. Page 62 The cz-80v touch acts, following the pressure that you apply to the keys of the MIDI keyboard, on the frequency of the 2 high pass filters.

Some presets may not be detected by the application.

Please check the eLicenser documentation installed on your computer for further details. In fact, it allowed only 4 spaces in memory for saving 4 sounds! It also comes with a wide selection of presets.

Other Sides Of The Csv 7. When the last voice is reached, artyria the zone takes the newest note played by releasing the first one. Each bank contains a certain number of sub-banks, which generally determine a type of sound: After selecting this option, the default path to these files will appear in the window, but arturi can navigate to whichever folder you are using.


Arturia CS-80 V User Manual

The sound of the first 4 voices is “deeper” as a result of the detuning of the 4 voices, and “widened” as a result of the pan position settings between all of the voices. To print the manual completely, please, download it. This function is particularly useful to quickly see all of the presets of the same type. TAE allows the reproduction of this condenser discharge. Connection To A Midi Node 8. As we saw in Quick Start chapter 3, the CSV2 uses two identical and independent lines of synthesis.

A MIDI assign dialog appears.

Got it, continue to print. Page 4 Re-order the presets To increase the possibilities of synthesis, a new modulation matrix is available. It will generate the initial sound signal.

The names New bank, New sub- bank and New preset appear in their respective displays. As we saw in chapter 3 Quick Startthe CSV uses two identical and independent lines of synthesis.

Be sure to set the level of the general sustain fader S to 0, so that the changes on the release time can be effective. Ring mode activation Your keyboard now contains 4 different zones: Page 49 General settings The other settings affect each sound independently of the others, setting the different parameters of a single voice. Don’t have an account? The first switch activates the square signal, while the second activates the second waveform, which can be either a triangular signal or a sawtooth.