Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies. Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and. Article explaining why some animations look smooth and fluent while other don’t. Relationships between frame rate per second (fps), positions per second (pps). Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here (zip file, kb), unzip and file in your Artoonix Projects.

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Tutorial Projects

Combined 1 and 3 is the petal with nice gradient color transition. Merge them into one object.

The final result looks like this: If it is shaded, make sure you have selected the frame in the list on the left. It is all down to you, of course, but it is probably the easiest to start with a short simple animation. Group 2 – painting tools and styles – freehand, lines, squares, filled squares, ellipse, filled ellipse; paint bucket.

For example, our Pony van be split into 8 areas:. As a result, after drawing all the objects you would have a painting that would like this:.

You will keep your “My account” on artoonix. Let’s say you want to animate a pony like this:.

Artoonix – create your own animations

You tutoriao be taken to Duplicate Frame 2 where the content of the previous frame is copied. The final result looks like this:. Choose Blue color in the palette and draw in a new object a short vertical “stroke”, so that it looks similar to 1 in figure below 2.


Downloads Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here zip file, kbunzip and place. You can transfer your purchase to another person, as a gift, for instance.

To resize an object, drug the markers of the frame. Alternative password First time you log in, you have to use the registration code that was sent to you after Artoonix registration.

If needed, e-mail address associated with your Artoonix registration can be changed here.

Let artoojix now increase the pps to Pony screen there is an audio panel with several tracks. If it is not the first time that movie is created, you will be asked if you want to do it. All examples are downloadable artoonix projects, at the bottom of this page so the readers can do their own tests and experiments. Select the product you want to transfer. And all this is fairly easy to make by using basic tools: The movie will only be encoded if there have been changes made to the project.

As one can see it is rich in the use of halftones and smooth color transitions. It is clearly better and rather smooth. It is composed of several frames. Here’s a detailed description of the process: This allows easy modifications of the drawing in the other frames without re-drawing. Tutorixl 1 – drawing tools: Use Simple Transform “T” to stretch it to get something like 2.


Artoonix – My account Tutorial

It has also been shown recently that 25pps is actually a very practical value for smooth animations in most cases. Finishing Touches The next step could be to combine in one frame all the objects – created as described above, and those that were made in a similar fashion: Creating images with smooth color transitions Smooth color transitions is a recurring subject of requests that Artoonix developers encounter.

The complete artooniix of artoonix projects that we used in preparing this article can be downloaded here compressed with winrar, kb file.

We can now blend two created objects, using, once again, the Simple Transform tool. Being a powerful addition to already large set of animation tools, frame tweening can also be used to illustrate some basic animation skills.

Pony open which shows all the tools that you can aroonix to modify it. When logged-in, you will see your personal page with a number options that will be described below.