Arthur Schopenhauer Arta de a fi fericit Schopenhauer believed that the world was a cold, absurd place, and that it was only by the force of an individual’s . Arta de a fi fericit · Arthur Schopenhauer. lei. În stoc. Descriere. One of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, Schopenhauer (). Posts · Tagged · #currentlyreading Arta de a fi fericit – Arthur Schopenhauer ( p.) #. #currentlyreading Gânditori ortodocși moderni – Pr. Andrew Louth ( p.) .

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To counteract this miserable feeling, men run to trivialities which please for the moment they are taken up, hoping thus to engage the will in order to rouse it to action, and so set the intellect in motion; for it is the latter which has to give effect to these motives of the will.

The truth is that a man is made happy, not by fame, but by that which brings him fame, by his merits, or to speak more correctly, by the disposition and capacity from which his merits proceed, whether they be moral or intellectual. And if he is lucky, his struggles result in his having a really great pile of gold, which he leaves to his heir, either to make it still larger, or to squander it in extravagance. The highest pleasures, those of the intellect, are to him inaccessible, and he tries in vain to replace them by the fleeting pleasures of sense in which he indulges, lasting but a brief hour and at tremendous cost.

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I love this book. Being hit with a stick might be a suitable deterrent. Also the greater importance of skill and ability over possession and fame.


If it was in my power to do so I would certainly compel everyone into reading it. The other way in which schopenhauer recommended that we face the grimness of human life is through a form of art therapy, spending as long as we can with art and philosophy, whose task is to hold up a mirror to the frenzied efforts and unhappy turmoil created in us by the willtolife.

Essays and Aphorisms – Arthur Schopenhauer

To his defense, he notes that this sexual virtue only has a conventional and relative value. This is just what happens in the case of false, that is, unmerited, fame; for its recipient lives upon it without actually possessing the solid substratum of which fame is the outward and visible sign. In other words, ce center of gravity is not in himself; it is constantly changing its place, with every wish and whim.

It helps me to find my inner richness and the sources of the true happiness. Thanks for telling us about the efricit. Whether works destined to fame attain it in the lifetime of their author is arra chance affair, of no very great importance. I found this concise philosophy piece so dense that I want it in my personal library, for easy and frequent reference in the future. For what a man is in himself, what accompanies adta when he is alone, what no one can give or take away, is obviously more essential to him than everything he has in the way of possessions, or even what he may be in the eyes of the world.

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Bailey Thomas Bailey Saunders. Assuming life to be deterministic, at least for practical purposes, and only striving to avoid pain, to me would just lead to boredom. If you are gifted with intellect or artistic ability, devote yourself to it, and seek not fame ; because art is long, life is short, commerce is idiotic, and most men are fools anyway. This is, as it were, the true underlying substance, and fame is only an accident, affecting its subject chiefly as a kind of external symptom, which serves to schopenhaue his own opinion of himself.


I have to say that this book changed my life and the way I see it. The author quotes Socrates who 2, years ago believed that men waste their leisure time on frivolous persuits. If you’re looking for a non-traditional self-help book, honestly I believe the foundations of self-books rests in this book, and in his ideas, in Nietzsche, and in Kant.

Unsatisfying to me are Schopenhauer’s fatalism and sufficiency of pain avoidance for happiness. Each of the two paths has its own peculiar advantages and detriments; and the chief difference between them is that actions schoenhauer fleeting, while works remain.

Also the greater importance of skill and ability over possession and fame.

I have more additions and some objections to Schopenhauer’s ideas, but they should not draw out this review. If you are gifted with intellect or artistic ability, devote yourself to it, and seek not fame ; because art Wait, can girls see this? At times, I was not able to read more than a few paragraphs in one sitting as it had given me more than enough material to chew upon and mull over for days.

The author suggests focusing more time on scjopenhauer worthwhile, developing a natural skill or talent or the acquisition of knowledge. Unsatisfying to me are Schopenhauer’s fatalism schopennauer sufficiency of pain avoidance for happiness. It is filled with misery and pain; and if a man escapes these, boredom lies in di for him at every corner.