stabilità, salvo episodi di nubi e nevischio sulle Dolomiti domenica e mercoledì, vento forte in montagna specie a inizio e fine periodo, diradamento delle nebbie. ARPA DOLOMITI. Meteo Veneto Forecasts meteo and situation of the time regional edited by harp Venetian: for the one who desires to know that a long time. What do people find to be the best weather forecast websites for the area? ARPA met office is based in Arabba, right in the middle of the Dolomites. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a.

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The new net laboratoristica of Harp Emilia Romagna: Figure 12 shows the time evolution of the simulated deposition and erosion pattern with the flow depth in correspondence of the culvert: Simulated hydrographs of solid-liquid a and solid discharge bQ and Q S respectively, corresponding to the the traces of the six sections of Figure 9. Best thing is to be sat in a hut drinking a well earned Weizen beer High-frequency monitoring of debris flows propagation along the real torrent, southern french alps.

In cross-section F the behavior is analogous but for the absence of the initial moderate peak of solid discharge, reasonably due to an upstream deposition. The two methods provide the same results supporting the reliability of the obtained threshold value for the determining the channel network. Values of the parameters used in the routing simulations for the different terrains.

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It should be stressed that the values of parameters used for running the models are mostly those resulting from the comparison between observations and simulations of other events. Photos taken during the sediment removal operations and located in the Supplemental Material Figure S2 show some big rocks obstructing inlet, i. Data are meeto under request to the corresponding author. In the same Figure S2the exit of the culvert just after the event appears mainly free.

Vacations on the snow, comfort and relax in the heart of the Dolomites in Val of Fassa, Trentino. In this section, the models used for modeling rainfall-runoff and debris flow routing are presented.


This could be the main reason for the not satisfactory simulation of the end part of the last reach V.

The entrained and deposited sediment volumes were estimated through the deposition-erosion depths map Figures 8a9 that was obtained differencing the pre and post-event DEMs. This set of parameters, until the culvert, is that used by Gregoretti et al.

Summary weather bulletin for Dolomites

This means that the debris flow discharge, metel thus the magnitude of the debris flow, increases with the amount of the runoff generating the event, while the flow resistance decreases. The results of the simulation captured, in fact, the main features of the occurred phenomenon. Distributed assessment of contributing area and riparian buffering along stream networks.

A well-balanced numerical scheme for debris flows run-out predictions in the xiaojia gully considering different hydrologic designs. Channel network source representation using digital elevation models. The governing flow equations are those of mwteo and momentum conservation coupled with the Exner equation and a modified version of the empirical law of Egashira and Ashida to express the rate of change of the bed elevations.

Note that, considering a generic direction transversal to the steepest direction could lead to unrealistically large depositions. The effect of visual information on preference stability. Therefore, even if the basins are prone to debris flow activity according to the geomorphic indexes above, debris flow occurrence is determined by sediment availability as the concentration of abundant runoff on it. This behavior is the consequence of the initial erosion on the bend downstream the culvert followed by that of the parking on the Ru Secco side and afpav the terrain overlaying the culvert.

For the part strictly concerning the routing, these results were mainly due to the cell model of Gregoretti et al. Solid discharge, in fact after an initial but moderate increase, decreases to a neglegible value and then increases again to a value nearly the half of the total discharge.

UKC Forums – Best Dolomites weather forecasts?

Direct field surveys and the analysis of pre and post-event topography allowed the recognition of liquid and solid-liquid contributions to the occurred phenomenon and its main features, as well as the map of deposition and erosion depths. Earth C 26, — The two solid-liquid hydrographs are computed by using the runoff hydrograph of the two basins of Antrimoia and Salvela after partioning the sediments volume 52, m 3 in 38, and 14, m 3respectively. If the valley is approaching 25 degrees by 10am you can almost guarantee that it will rain and storm in the afternoon for maybe hours.


The deposition and erosion pattern, in fact, is quite well reproduced both in terms of areas and volumes apart some parts of the Ru Salvela Creek and of the ending reach. For this reason, we investigated the transition from slope to channel routing by using two different methodologies: Figure S6 shows the results of the two methods.

About dolomii characteristics of sediments forming the debris deposits that were eroded by runoff and debris dolomti, we can refer to the grain size analysis carried out through the frequency-by-weight method, on five samples taken on the channelized initiation area of Chiapuzza debris flow about 1 km north located on the scree of Cadino dei Ross formed by the rocks collapsed from the overhanging rocky walls of Punta Ross Top.

The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. All the basin was carefully surveyed to identify all the contributions, liquid or solid-liquid, to the debris flow that routed along Ru Secco. The rainfall on the five basins depicted in Figure 1 that mainly contributed to the event dloomiti obtained after the correction of weather radar estimates with the data of the rain dlomiti of the monitoring and alarm system installed on the Rovina di Cancia channel by the Province of Belluno.

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