stabilità, salvo episodi di nubi e nevischio sulle Dolomiti domenica e mercoledì, vento forte in montagna specie a inizio e fine periodo, diradamento delle nebbie. ARPA DOLOMITI. Meteo Veneto Forecasts meteo and situation of the time regional edited by harp Venetian: for the one who desires to know that a long time. What do people find to be the best weather forecast websites for the area? ARPA met office is based in Arabba, right in the middle of the Dolomites. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a.

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View of the collapsed cliff on the northwestern side of the Mount Antelao flight of 1 July and the deposits of debris material from the base of the collapsed cliff to just upstream the confluence with Ru Secco creek. Condividi Preferiti Blocca Cookie Policy.


This volume is increased to 52, m dolomuti to consider the sediment volume that reached the Boite River, so that the total mobilized sediment volume raises up to aboutm 3. Erosion and deposition are computed along the steepest direction, where the maximum value V max of the mean velocities contributing to the discharges Q k is attained.

MD carried out the surveys, analyzed the topografical data, built the pre and post-event DEMs, studied the hydrological groups of terrain and its morphology arpaav most data for running the fole model. Clicca to open a window with a meteorological updating on the Venetian dolomitis. Aerial view of whole area with the contributing hydrological basins and the basins of Rovina di Cancia and Rudan.

These deposits usually occur on debris flow sides when the relative flow depth is small and terrain roughness is able to stop the flowing material.

Only the deposition depths upstream the culvert slightly overstimate those observed because of the missed deposition at the confluence of Ru Salvela Creek with Ru Secco Creek, and some areas subjected to erosion in the ending reach are missed. Figure S1 shows the bottom longitudinal profile of the channel excavated by debris flow on the debris deposit covering Ru Salvela Creek with some cross-sections. It should be stressed that the values of parameters used for running the models are mostly those resulting from the comparison between observations and simulations of other events.

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It misses only the signature In this channel Appointments Hocus Pocus: As a consequence the deposition at the confluence was understimated.

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This deposit Figures 3a4 has a volume ofm 3 obtained differencing the pre-event DEM with that before the rock collapse on Novemberobtained through the LiDAR points. In fact simulated deposition depths, there, are on average larger than those estimated. Therefore, as only a part of the surface of the Vallon d’Antrimoia changed aprav the event due to the erosion, with no significative influence on the hydrological simulation, we used the LiDAR The reader is referred to Gregoretti et al.

Initiation processes for run-off generated debris flows in the wenchuan earthquake area of china. In Gregoretti apav al. Finally, the authors wish to thanks the reviewers for their criticisms and suggestions that helped to improve significantly the manuscript. The analysis of the solid-liquid and solid discharges Figure 11 allows a better understanding of the occurred phenomenon.

This area, located in the Venetian Dolomites, is dominated by carbonatic Platform formations.

The distribution of the volumes of deposited and eroded sediments is analyzed after dividing the flow pattern in five significative areas. In the present case study, the environmental changes due to man works can stop or reduce debris flow activity in areas prone to debris flow susceptibility, while those due to natural causes, as the formation of debris deposits caused by local terrain instabilities, if connected to the channel network Cavalli et al.

The Arpav forecast is OK. The works for transforming this area in a touristic resort area stopped them. The photogrammetric restitution through the photos relative to the Ru Salvela Creek after the rock fall of November and before the debris flow event one is that shown in Figure 3awas carried out by using the software 3DF Zephyr Lo Brutto and Meli, Outdoor Research is combining its decades of experience building highly dexterous, durable gloves with an innovative new material Finally, present work of back analysis of the phenomenon is also important, because it provides the framework and data needed for testing other models.


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This means an increase fioe the conductance coefficient and a decrease of the limit values of angle and velocity both for deposition and entrainment because the transported solid concentration decreases Armanini, The Antrimoia basin, in fact, occupies the larger part of the Vallon Antrimoia sloping plateau where debris deposits lie. The pre-event topographical data provided the DEM for running the routing simulations.

LiDARin fact, does not cover the upper part of the basins that in part changed after the cliff failure of Novemberand, the DEMs derived by points along the contour lines of the Regional Techinical Map are characterized by a poor accuracy that could cause a noticeable underestimation of the simulated peak discharge Degetto et al. Only the conductance coefficient, Crespect to Gregoretti et al. Ru Secco Creek was not routed by debris flows since late 50s after works for transforming its right side generally affected by debris flows, into a ski resort area.

Finally, the geomorphological analysis, providing a reliable description of the occurred phenomenon, is at the base of simulation of the phenomenon by models. Models, in fact, can play a crucial role in hazard assessment and in risk analysis, and, only the use of models satisfactorily tested against field data can provide reliable results.