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An interesting note at the Wikipedia article on William Dennes Mahan suggests that someone has taken the time to research further: Mahan was summoned before church authorities in September on charges of falsehood and plagiarism. As a result, I have compiled the following book, which will be found one of the most strange and interesting works ever read.

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The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table! – Roger Pearse

After many years of study, and after consulting various histories and corresponding with many scholars, I secured the assistance of two learned men—Drs. Are you sure you want to remove The archko volume from your list? Such a cynical world…. Inthe Rev.

Mahan Published by Antiquarian Book Co. This included an expanded version of “Pilate’s Court” plus a series of other texts that he claimed to have obtained himself in a volime to Rome and Constantinople and translated with the aid of Dr.

It mistakenly asserts that Philo spoke often of Jesus and that “the scribes of those days were most all Rabbis.


The Archko Volume – Wikipedia

But his success attracted questions. This evening I found a bunch of posts on various fora around the web, all referencing it to show that Jesus was white. The title Archko Volume appeared during this period, as did the note “Second edition”. Volhme, be, and the same is hereby declared indefinite, or, until he shall have complied with the law of the Church, as it applies in the case.

December 7, History.

The Archko volume is loose again. Vantberger of New York, for English translation. Mahan would use all proper efforts to heal the wounds his course had inflicted; and. Per Beskow produced a further volume of the things, under the title Strange Tales about Jesus.

Some more notes on the Archko volume — Roger Pearse. Believing that no event, of as much importance as the death of Jesus of Nazareth was to the world, could have transpired without some record being made of it by his enemies in their courts, legislations and histories, I commenced investigating the subject.

Contemporaries raised the question of whether Mahan could have possibly made the trip to Rome and Constantinople in less than two months. At one point, a strange word reveals that a single line of the printed text of Ben-Hur has accidentally been omitted during copying.

The Archko Volume Or The Archeological Writings Of The Sanhedrim And Talmuds Of The Jews

Mahan claimed the text was supplied to him in by a German scholar, Henry C. It purported to be an official report of the trial and death of Jesus made directly to the Roman Emperor Tiberius by Pilate as governor of Judaea. It appears to belong to the modern Cumberland Presbyterian Church denomination. Mahan a letter of dismission [sic] and recommendation after the term of his suspension expires, frer had the subject under consideration, and in view of all the surrounding facts, and in view of the interests of the Church, we recommend the following: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


Fortress Press, 53— McIntosh archjo Scotland and Dr.

The older I get,the more deception I find. The texts are otherwise unknown to scholarship, and the volume contains various inconsistencies.

The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table!

Whatever the motives of Mahan, this book is a deception, intended to harm Christians. It quotes an unknown Greek philosopher, “Meeleesen,” and includes references to Josephus that do not exist.

When I came onto the web archoo years ago, the Archko volume was volumme produced by unwary believers as evidence of Jesus. The circumstances of composition, the letters to the Boonville Advertiserand the proceedings of the church court were all investigated by Edgar J.

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Mahan; said one year terminating on the 29th volhme the present month; and Whereas, The definite form of said suspension was more the result of sympathy for him and his family, than a desire for rigid administration of the law, and this sympathy being exercised under the hope that said W.