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AR International Agreements [United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army. Cooperation Agency 14 AR –51 • 2 May Glossary *This regulation supersedes AR –51, dated 15 April AR –51 • 2 May AR International Agreements (Paperback) – Common [Created by United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Office of the General Counsel of the Army. Although it is against DA policy to enter into an oral international agreement, any oral agreement that meets the definition in subparagraph a 1 a through a 1 cabove, of this definition is ad international agreement.

Additionally, a significant alteration in the operational capability or usefulness of a system to be cooperatively developed must be reported. Negotiation on the draft agreement or other international arrangement will not commence without the legal opinion. This regulation does not apply to the following: This authority is separate from procedural authority.

International intelligence agreements, concluded by an Army element authorized to negotiate and conclude such agreement, pursuant to this regulation, must be forwarded within 10 days after the agreement is signed, to the following DOD agencies: Circular Procedures Procedure that facilitates the application of orderly and uniform measures to the negotiation, conclusion, reporting, publication, and registration of U.

Army Service Component Command. Customs fees or inspections. A related publication is a source of additional information. Authority to negotiate and conclude international agreements is determined by the delegations in paragraph 5 of this regulation. Where there is doubt about whether a negotiation or agreement involves a predominantly DA matter, the proponent should coordinate the matter with the combatant command. In all cases, the concurrence shall include a certification that the agreement or arrangement complies with the requirements of DODD Such international agreements may fall within the delegated authority of the combatant command and not the authority delegated pursuant to this regulation.


Note, however, that umbrella agreements, implementing arrangements, and cross-servicing agreements under the NATO Mutual Support Act do fall under this regulation. All proposals to negotiate and concludeinternational intelligence agreements except those involving signals intelligence SIGINT shall be submitted to the.

International agreements and other international arrangements negotiated or concluded by Army elements under express authority granted to that Army element by unified commands or subordinate unified commands. Typically, both authorities are granted in this regulation, but is possible that SA may grant an organization authority to negotiate a particular agreement, but withhold signing authority until HQDA reviews the final draft.

This publication is availa. Note also that an international agreement that may have been considered at one time to relate to predominantly DA matters may, due to a change in circumstances, today be considered to involve matters of significant concern to the applicable combatant command or DOD.

States, and the U. The agreement states that the English language text shall be considered by the parties as the governing text in the event of conflict between the different language texts.

Changes which must be reported include substantial differences in the proposed text of an agreement presented to a delegating authority and the text that has evolved. Further, coordinate with the DCS, G—8 on any proposed international agreement that impacts af fielding of Army weapon systems.

Compliance with international agreements DODD However, if the proposed implementing arrangement contains a new or altered obligation not contemplated by af parties, the limitation applies. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Policy.

For purposes of this regulation, an other international arrangement is any instrument or arrangement concluded with one or more foreign governments including their agencies, instrumentalities, or political subdivisions or with an international organization that—. This regulation is of a procedural nature only meaning that it only indicates who may negotiate an international agreement and how such agreements are negotiated and does not constitute substantive legal authority to negotiate or conclude any international agreement.


Neither the SA nor any delegee may negotiate or conclude the following types of international agreements. This limitation does not include—.

AR International Agreements :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Assistant Secretary of the Army Civil Works. All copies of agreements shall be stamped or accompanied by a memorandum, certifying that the text of the. Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller.

AR International Agreements

The Defense Acquisition System. Defense memoranda of understanding and related agreements Cited in para 6 b 1 e. An Army force, designated by the Secretary of the Army, comprised primarily of operational organizations serving as the Army component of a combatant command or subunified command. Cooperative or reciprocal activities. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. One copy of all otherinternational intelligence agreements. With priorconsent of the Chief, DAJA—IO, copies may be provided in electronic form, but such copies must reflect the actual signatures on the original of the international agreement.

Office of the Judge Advocate General. Status of Forces Agreement. FMS or commercial arrangements, which are financed with either foreign financing or security assistance financing.


Generally speaking, a delegation of authority to conclude an international agreement carries with it only the delegated authority to enter into implementing arrangements that do not in any way expand or deviate from the basic agreement, and that do not address policy significant issues.

For purposes of this regulation, conclusion means the act of signing, initialing, responding, or otherwise indicat.

Responsibilities are those established by the SA. Substantive legal authority for each obligation proposed to be assumed by the United States in any international agreement must be found in other law or regulation ae to the relevant subject matter.