Fulltext – Factors Contributing to Critically Endangered Status of Aquilegia nivalis Falc ex Jackson- an Alpine Endemic Angiosperm in the Kashmir Himalaya. Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker Accepted Name . During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Ba May PDF | During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker and Doronicum falconeri Cl. ex Hk. f. of the north- west.

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Fingerprints of global warming on wild animals and plants. Connecting patterns of seed dispersal to seedling establishment. Send a request for permission. Upper spike leaves usually absent, much reduced, if present.

User Group specific search options Title. Search in all groups Search within this group. This, besides other possible means, should be an effective and efficient way to salvage out this species from extinction, because the seed set and seed germination is the major stumbling block in the growth and expansion of this species.

Robson reported it nivails a visit to Kashmir in from above Gulmarg and near Thajewas above Sonamarg.

Aquilegia nivalis in Flora of Pakistan @

Species biology, the key to plant preservation. Books on Indian Flora. Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur, India. Flowers solitary or a few 1. We examined population size, fate of individuals, extent of herbivory, phenotypic variability in traits across populations, number of reproductive individuals, pollen viability, breeding behavior, insect visitation frequency and seed set.

Habitat characteristics of the study sites supporting six different populations of Aquilegia nivalis in the Kashmir Himalaya Lower cauline leaves a few 6. In the Sarsoon population, the relatively greater number of reproductive individuals with many bearing more than one flower, showed a relatively greater reproductive out put above and beyond the prevalence of herbivory.


The stigma and anthers are separated in space as well as time, the former can be found without any pollen even up to 3 days before anthesces in bud conditions.

I think this probably is A. Factors controlling fruit set in hermaphrodite plants: Vegetative and reproductive traits: Number of non-germinated, number of germinated and total number of pollen grains on the stigma surface was determined to obtain percentage of germinated pollen grains on sigma surface. I would not describe Njvalis.

Aquilegia nivalis

Narrow-endemic species are by definition rare and, therefore, inherently threatened Ceballos et al. Carpels usually2. To record the initiation and longevity of receptivity, stigmas at different developmental stages were fixed in FAA formaldehyde: Studies with Australian proteaceae.

Mammalian diversity, endemicity and endangerment. Potential changes in the distributions of latitudinally restricted Australian butterfly species in response to climate change. The aim of the Journal is to promote wildlife research and conservation action worldwide at no cost to authors, no subscription or membership cost, and no hidden cost, on a regular basis without compromising on ethics, standards and pre-requisites of scientific publications.

Implications for abundance and coexistence. The ovary of each flower was dissected and the number of ovules determined with the help of dissection microscope. Seeds per capsule variable, Potentilla atrosanguinea var agyrophylla.

Aquilegia flabellata dwarf form. International Journal of Botany, 6: The presence of inadequate proportion of reproductive individuals in its populations appears to have serious consequences, manifested nivqlis the form of less availability of mates, pollen limitation, very low insect visitation-frequency, seed abortion, low seed set; and, hence, negligible contribution to population growth and expansion. Effects of local density on insect visitation and fertilization success in the narrow-endemic Centaurea corymbosa Asteraceae.

Population size and reproduction in Phlox pilosa. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. The data for demography and extent of herbivory aspects of Aquilegia nivalis was recorded from 10 mivalis quadrats for each population.


Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

The percentage of fruit set was highest Abstract Five populations of Aquilegia nivalis were regularly surveyed during for the study of phenological events, population size, recruitment and mortality of its individuals besides reproductive ecology. Eighteen plants were selected randomly from the Apharwat and Khillanmarg populations with floral buds each and were subjected to pollination experiments.

Herbivores cattle damage individuals of this species by browsing petiolate leaves in vegetative individuals and leaves as well as large flowers and nivxlis in nivalus individuals. All these factors ultimately manifest in the form of seed abortion and hence extremely scarce seed set.

Observation specific search options Observed during. A comparison of demographic characteristics in a rare and a common species of Eupatorium. Remember me Forgot password?

Photographed here in Sunderdhunga Valley, Bageshwar district Uttarakhand at an altitude of m. The patchy populations of this species were found to consist of a small number of individuals with majority being vegetative and a smaller number being in reproductive phase.

The stigmas with germinated pollen grains were considered as receptive. All these factors, in conjunction with hostile habitat conditions and enhanced anthropogenic pressures, contribute to the present threat status of this endemic species.

India Biodiversity Portal

Reproductive success increases with local density of conspecifics in the desert mustard Lesquerella fendleri. By using aniline blue in lactophenol Hauser and Morison,the percentage of stained pollen in random but non-overlapping microscopic aquilrgia three replicates for each staining treatment was determined Bernardello et al.

For more details, pl. The initiation of receptivity and its longevity was also recorded.