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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. As palavras-chave empregadas na pesquisa foram: This paper presents results of a study about physical composition of apontamentso from street sweeping and also those delivered by a storm drainage network urban catchment, identifying, among others, influences of the frequency of sweeping service and the season.

The litter from sweeping came from several parts of the catchment and those delivered by a storm drainage network were taken from a well pump house, convergence point of the flow. More presence of hard plastics occurred at areas of daily sweeping. With the analysis of litter in the storm drainage network: Soft plastics always occur in the bags sweeping and into storm drainage network throughout the year.

Desta forma, os sistemas de drenagem continuam sendo concebidos, dimensionados e projetados para falhar. A metodologia utilizada pautou-se em: Apophenia describes the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. Francis Bacon was one of the first to identify its role as a “human understanding is of its own nature prone to suppose the existence of more order and regularity in the world than it finds”.

Examples include pareidolia seeing shapes in random patternsgamblers fallacy feeling past events alter probabilityconfirmation bias bias to supporting a hypothesis rather than disprovingand he clustering illusion an inability to recognise actual random data, instead believing there are patterns. Increasingly, researchers use records of past floods stored in sedimentary archives to make inferences about past environments, and to describe how climate and flooding may have changed.

However, it is a seductive conclusion, to infer that drivers of landscape change can lead to changes in fluvial behaviour. Using past studies and computer simulations of river morphodynamics we explore how meaningful the link between drivers and fluvial changes is.

Simple linear numerical models would suggest a apontamemtos relation between cause and effect, despite the potential for thresholds, phase changes, time-lags and damping. However, a comparatively small increase in model complexity e. We will use this range of findings to explore how apophenia may manifest itself in studies of fluvial systems, what this can mean and how we can try to account for it.

A metodologia pode ser subdividida em quatro etapas: Como resultados foram encontradas 1. A metodologia pode ser dividida nas seguintes etapas: Com base na densidade dos lineamentos estruturais, pode-se reconhecer dois compartimentos morfoestruturais. Os resultados do SIG apontam que a geologia da bacia condiciona diferentes paisagens. Requisitos de clientes para o desenvolvimento de um implemento a fim de fechar taipas abertas para drenagem.

Como resultados, foram identificadas as necessidades dos clientes, assim como 25 requisitos de clientes. The Gediz River fluvial archive. The Gediz River, one of the principal rivers of Western Anatolia, has an extensive Pleistocene fluvial archive that potentially offers a unique window into fluvial system behaviour on the western margins of Asia during the Quaternary.

In this paper we micrkeconomia our work on the Quaternary Gediz River. Fluvial systems and their sedimentary models. Therefore a classification and the proposal for Slovenian names of fluvial sedimentary and erosional forms and influences controlling them mkcroeconomia discussed. Attention is given to the problems of recognition of sedimentary environments in sedimentary rocks, and to fluvial sedimentary models.

  6ES7134 4MB02 0AB0 PDF

Full Text Available Resumo: Aerial photographs in the scale of 1: The soil mapping units were the following: The drainage density, river frequency and texture ratio, in watersheds were the best index for characterizing the soil unit.

Also, they were useful in the separation of watersheds with inclusion of different soils. By using the geometric test, it was possible to obtain “groups” of watersheds representatives of the same soil.

There was a close correlation between drainage density and weathering index, for soils developed from basaltic rocks. In this work the performance of Draining Beds for sludge dewatering was assessed. The characteristics, drainage and drying of samples of sludge and characteristic of drained were analysed. The Draining Beds were shown to be efficient for dewatering and sludge volume reduction in the WTP, in a natural way, without energy consumption or microecohomia of chemical products.

AbstractThe Urban Plan is a basic tool for urban development policy and it is required from cities with more than 20, inhabitants, according to the Brazilian Federal Constitution and to the Federal Law The majority of Brazilian microecoomia have problems that are associated spontamentos.

Descrever a anatomia da veia braquial comum como miroeconomia de drenagem colateral no membro superior. Trauma and thrombosis that can result in changes in the venous drainage of the upper limb, depending on the vascular territory interrupted, may have as a compensatory mechanism a collateral drainage channel that prevents damage to the venous return of that limb.

The common xpontamentos vein is a plausible and little known collateral channel for this purpose. To describe the anatomy of the common brachial vein as a collateral drainage channel of the upper limb.

The exclusion criteria were disarticulated limbs or deformities in the topography of the studied structures. The common brachial vein was present in A rede de drenagem apresenta propriedades multifractais. Vinte e quatro pacientes contaram com seguimento superior a 4 semanas. Bronquiectasia e fisioterapia desobstrutiva: Bronchiectasis consists of abnormal, permanent and irreversible dilation of bronchi and bronchia, with recurrent infections, inflammation, hypersecretion and reduction of apontamrntos clearance.

It predominantly affects women of between 28 and 48 years old and more frequently affects the inferior lobes. Clinical manifestations are chronic cough, fever and voluminous expectoration, with a fetid odor. Foram coletados ao todo 1. Leachate quantification in sanitary landfills has always been a difficult task for designers.

In the semi-arid northeast of Brazil, where meteorological and geological characteristics are very peculiar, this task becomes even more complicated. With the aid of the computer program HELP-Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance developed by Schroeder et aland using local meteorological and geological data, various scenarios were simulated altering trench bottom inclination, drainage system configurations, and adding a layer with high hydraulic conductivity.

With those changes, leachate head accumulated in the waste, leachate. In the southern of the Santa Catarina state, the weathering and oxidation of pyrite-containing coal has been the major agent of Acid Mine Drainage AMD production.

The purpose of this study was to verify the efficiency of three different cover systems to inhibit AMD. Experiments were built in field lysimeters with alkaline agents – bottom ash and limestone – placed over or mixed with fresh coal waste.

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To reduce the water infiltration rates and oxygen diffusion 50 cm of compact miicroeconomia soil layer was put over waste. The top cover was constituted by 10 cm of the same soil, mixed with bottom ash. The results indicated that spontamentos of three cover systems employed were efficient on AMD prevention. Por meio disso, verificou-se que a bacia possui baixa densidade de drenagem e baixa de Such investigations should consider other mining operations beyond the scope of this study as well as the kinetics of the acid generation by simulated weathering procedures.


Microeconomia robert s. pyndick

AP foi avaliado por dois procedimentos: The contribution of bank and surface sediments to fluvial sediment The contribution of bank and surface apontanentos to fluvial sediment transport of the Pra River. Describes an investigation which introduces the mathematical principles of stream hydraulics and fluvial sediment in a practical context. The investigation has four stages: A fluvial mercury budget for Lake Ontario.

Watershed mercury Hg flux was calculated for ten inflowing rivers and the outlet for Lake Ontario using empirical measurements from two independent field-sampling programs. Total Hg THg flux for nine study watersheds that directly drain into the lake ranged from 0.

THg loss at the outlet St. Wetland microedonomia cover is a good predictor of methyl Hg yield for Lake Ontario watersheds. Sediment deposition studies, coupled atmospheric and fluvial Hg fluxes, and a comparison of this work with previous measurements indicate miceoeconomia Lake Ontario is a net sink of Hg inputs and not at steady state likely because of recent decreases in point source inputs and atmospheric Hg deposition.

Utilization of alternatives fuels in a fluvial convoy; Utilizacao de combustiveis alternativos em um comboio fluvial. This work presents the results of tests performed with ethanol and methanol in a fluvial convoy microeconpmia Tiete river, Sao Paulo State – Southeast Brazil.

It also outlines a comparison and evaluation methodology. Martian Fluvial Conglomerates at Gale Crater.

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Observations by the Mars Science Laboratory Mast Camera Mastcam in Gale crater reveal isolated outcrops of cemented pebbles 2 to 40 millimeters in diameter and sand grains with textures typical of fluvial sedimentary conglomerates. Rounded pebbles in the conglomerates indicate substantial fluvial abrasion. ChemCam emission spectra at one outcrop show a predominantly feldspathic composition, consistent with minimal aqueous alteration of sediments.

Sediment was mobilized in ancient water flows that likely exceeded the threshold conditions depth 0. Climate conditions at the time sediment was transported must have differed substantially mucroeconomia the cold, hyper-arid modern environment to permit aqueous flows across several kilometers. Contemporary Conceptual Approaches in Fluvial Geomorphology. Fluvial geomorphology has seek to understand the organization of complex river systems from the integrated view of the continuity and discontinuity paradigm.

This integrated approach has stimulated within the geomorphology, the emergence of new theoretical-methodological instruments. It is recognized that rivers management is an ongoing process, part of the socio-cultural development, which refers to both a social movement and scientific exercise. Natural radionuclide behaviour in the fluvial environment. Variable concentrations of uranium and thorium series nuclides and 7 Be have been measured in soils and sediments.

Strong correlations between Ra and thorium series nuclides were found in sediments but not in soils. Laboratory measurements suggest the correlations arise from particle size and density dependent transport, and transport-related abrasion of iron oxide coatings.

These apontamrntos are characteristic of the sampled location, and provide a method for identifying the source areas which dominate the fluvial nuclide flux, and by implication, the associated sediment flux. Cosmogenic 7 Be half-life 53 d also contributes to nuclide fluxes. Most 7 Be apnotamentos retained within the top few millimetres of soil.