Taxonavigation[edit]. Cocoons of Apanteles sp. next to a perforated Papilio demoleus caterpillar Genus: Apanteles Subgenera: Choeras –. PERFORMANCE OF APANTELES SP. (HYMENOPTERA: BRACONIDAE) ON TWO AMARANTH LEAF WEBBERS: SPOLADEA RECURVALIS. 37e); tarsal claws with one basal spine-like seta, Apanteles alejandromasisi Fernández-Triana, sp. n. 8(6), T1 mostly white except for small black spot posteriorly.

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However, no effort was made to study specimens representing undescribed species from areas outside ACG, areas that will certainly contain hundreds of other species of Apanteles as well as many of those in ACG.

There is no suggestion that this species occurs in ACG.

Interestingly, none of these four species seem to be closely related. Outside ACG, there is not enough data to assess if narrow host ranges per microgastrine wasp species is a widespread phenomenon although unpublished evidence suggest that this might be the case and there is no reason to think that ACG Apanteles are abnormal.

Mesoscutellum with non-polished area of lateral face with striae interrupted dorsally by a smooth area marking a clear separation from axilla axilla also with striated sculpture Fig.

It is worth mentioning that Ashmead All described species are from ACG, although we have seen undescribed species from other Neotropical areas. To further complicate things, many species have never been assigned to a particular species-group e.


File:Lappet moth caterpillar parasited by braconid wasps (Apanteles sp.) (5050724084).jpg

We hope that this study will apantelew a foundation upon which future studies of tropical Apanteles and other microgastrine genera can be based. We also calculated and compared many ratios between linear dimensions of structures morphometric taxonomya common practice in the taxonomy of many groups of parasitoid wasps Baur and Leuenbergerand references cited there.

Even if the parasitoid has already emerged from the cocoon, its remnants provide evidence of a successful attack.

Because that is beyond the scope of this paper, we describe the species under Apanteles — the best arrangement at the moment. We dedicate this species to Alvaro Ugalde in recogniton of his diligent efforts in founding and guiding the National Park System s Costa Rica. The species are solitary parasitoids.

Retrieved from ” https: It is likely that larvae of other Lepidoptera serve as alternate hosts for Apanteles outside orchards.

AttevidaeCrambidaeElachistidaeand Tortricidae. Most hosts species belong to just three families: Papp transferred the species from Apanteles to Illidops in his treatment of the European fauna, when he adopted the then recent reclassification of Microgastrinae by Mason Interspecific barcode variation can be used as part of a suite of characters for the discovery and description of new species e.


Interim name used by the authors. Hypopygium with a median fold and a apannteles 1—3 pleats visible Figs 52c55c57c58c59c64c. Metafemur and metatibia almost entirely orange, with light brown spot on posterior 0. His description of the T1 shape, T2 sculpture, and coloration of meso and metafemora are completely different from the actual specimen. Wikispecies has information related to Braconidae. Key to species of the carpatus group 1 T2 length at least 2.

Apanteles ultericus Telenga, Figs 68 Mostly AchalarusAstraptusCogia and Thessia ; if from genus Urbanusthen almost always from other wp than above Urbanus belliUrbanus dorantesUrbanus teleus and Urbanus viterboana ; very rarely from Urbanus albimargo.

The first three belong to completely different groups which can safely be excluded from the present analysis. Body length at least 3. Braconidae Latreille The Mesoamerican Apanteles are assigned to 32 species-groups, all but two of which are newly defined.

Parasitoid of cutworm Apanteles sp.

Antenna shorter, its length at most 0. Braconidae LatreilleSubfamilies 47, see text Synonyms Stenophasmidae Benoit, The Braconidae are a family of parasitoid wasps.

HesperiidaeOcyba calathana.