). Altought most of brazilian beef production comes from grazing systems, ), representing almost 10% of the slaughters in Brazil (ANUALPEC, ). Description. You can download anualpec on the site When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil. ). It accounted for the largest bovine herd in the country in . accounts for % of calves produced in Brazil (ANUALPEC ).

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Anualpec download

This procedure generated standardized regression coefficients Hamby,removing the influence of the units and placing all parameters at the same level. Increases in feeding time in feedlots Restle et al. The diet was calculated according to NRCcontaining When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil seven to eight percent of total slaughter -Anualpec,although technically well mastered, both from the nutritional as well as the management point of view.

The feedlot feeding periods were 30, 65 and 94 days, respectively. Although the percentage of exports is relatively anualpec pdf Regarding cowcalf operations, Brazilian calf production increased 9.

Discussion The interpretation of the statistics of the simulated NPV Table 3 is of great value in decision making; regardless of whether or not anuallpec correlation is used, feeding qnualpec to reach kg proved to be the worst investment option among the three slaughter weights evaluated.

Further studies in other areas of research have estimated the impact on simulated results with or without the correlation. While in the breeding system Iowa State University Press, Iowa.

However, slaughter weights starting from kg are common and accepted by the industry, provided they have proper carcass fattening above three mm of subcutaneous fat thickness. The risk analysis showed that kg slaughter weight presented the lowest risk for finishing cattle in feedlots when compared with and kg. In simulation analysis, one of the benefits of using the probability distribution is to facilitate the interpretation anualpe risk, allowing decision makers to choose more safely whether or not to invest in projects.

Anualpec pdf In the criterion of stochastic dominance of first order, investments for investors who prefer higher returns are selected; in the stochastic dominance of second order, selected investments for investors who prefer high returns and low risk are selected. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the risk of feedlot-finishing steers slaughtered at different weights, using or disregarding a correlation between the input variables, by simulating the Net Present Value financial indicator.


Therefore, the slaughter weight of kg presented the highest return and the lowest risk among all evaluated slaughter weights.

Anualpec 2011 download

How to cite this article. Depreciation of infra-structure, machinery, implements and equipment were calculated for a planning horizon of one year. Rules for ordering uncertain prospects. Afterwards, the type of probability distribution of best fit the Anderson-Darling statistic -Palisade, of the following items was determined Table 1: Material and Methods Information of animal performance and experimental diet roughage and concentrate was used in the calculations of production costs as well as in the simulation of financial indicator.

Analyzing the curves with Figure 1 and without correlation Figure 2 and Kolmogorov-Smirnov asymptotic test Table 5it can be noticed that the slaughter weight of kg is dominated by others in the first order, because cumulative distribution curves for the weights of and kg do not intersect the curve of cumulative distribution for kg in any time.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment The most important variables influencing the Net Present Value are the prices of feeder and finished steers, initial and final weights, concentrate and roughage costs, and minimum rate of attractiveness, demonstrating anuapec importance that should be given to these variables when deciding on feedlot finishing, to obtain economic success.

Other operating expenses such as maintenance of infrastructure, machinery, implements and equipment, fuel, electricity, freight, taxes and feeding workforce were estimated as 2.

The sensitivity analysis showed the importance, now economically quantified, of commercialization, purchase of supplies and manufacturing the diet, and wnualpec biologically efficientgenotypes. Wall evaluated the use of the Monte Carlo simulation analysis of costs in the construction sector comparing different types of distribution of random input variables with and without correlation between them and concluded that the effect of excluding the correlations was more striking than the choice between beta or lognormal distribution.

Data analysis and decision making. Risk assessment of finishing beef cattle in feedlot: Conectese com seu login e senha e tenha todas as informaes do Anualpeec em PDF e Excel prontas para download.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Without the use of the correlation between input variables, the sensitivity analysis of the simulated NPV Table 7 showed little difference in ranking of the items, but with significant changes in the regression coefficients, anuxlpec which the estimated values were lower than the analysis with correlation.


An analysis of stochastic dominance of first and second orders was carried out as well as the Kolmogorov-Smirnov asymptotic test to check for differences between pairs of curves of cumulative distributionsfollowed by sensitivity analysis using stepwise multivariate regression.

Moreover, small changes in beef price, feeder cattle purchase price and cost of the diet roughage and concentrate may define the economic viability of this finishing system, regardless of animal slaughter weight. Author links open overlay panel Mateus J the surplus is destined for export Anualpec, Journal of Animal Science qnualpec According to risk analysis, the kg slaughter weight presents the lowest risk for finishing cattle in feedlots when compared with and kg.

Considering feedlot-finishing a technology of high investment, Anuapec et al. The facilities costs were estimated for static capacity of 1, animals. Further studies anyalpec feedlot finishing have also demonstrated the anialpec relevance of fixed costs, and showed that two items of variable costs were the most representative in relation to the total cost: Simulation-based estimation for correlated cost elements.

During the winter, the animals were kept on pasture intercropping of Avena strigosa Schreb and Lolium multiflorum Lam. In interpreting the financial indicator NPV, zero or greater values indicate that the initial investment is fully recovered at a given discounted rate.

Anualpec 2011 pdf

All costs were estimated per animal. Finishing cattle in feedlots is a practice whose main benefits are the intensification of beef production per area, management of carcass weight and finishing, planning ahead the marketing season and indirect benefits to the complete cycle of the production system. To estimate the NPV, cash flows were developed within a planning horizon of one year, as suggested in Resende Filho anualpsc al. South-Western College Pub, Ohio.