ANSI Common Lisp has ratings and 17 reviews. John said: If you are going to read one book on Lisps or functional programming, it should be Structure. This book provides an excellent introduction to Common Lisp. Title ANSI Common LISP; Author(s) Paul Graham; Publisher: Prentice Hall; 1 edition ( November. Dividing material into two parts, the tutorial half of the book covers subject-by- subject the essential core of Common Lisp, and sums up lessons of preceding.

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I wrote answers for them to encourage you to solve the questions in the book. If any problem, dommon contact me takafumi shido. If returns the position of x if y contains x else it returns nil.

The alternative can handle nested lists. The commno is a smart answer using ” format nil “. The answer with ” format t ” shows that how side effects make code ugly.

ANSI Common Lisp

No change of the main parts are requied as shown in the code. When they belong to different packages. Add following code at the top of the code shown in Fig. The parameter is a file name.

ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham

This program analizes the length of sentences statistically. As a same word often appears in a same sentence, one in the beginnging and the other at the end, like as follows: Red ink makes paper red.

The earth moves around the sun. Henley’s sentences have following features: If the sentences are short, a sentence that is twice as long as other sentences appears. In sentences written by Henly, the maximum length of each sentence gets longer as total length of sentences increases.


On the other hand, the value is not depend on the total lenght of the sentence max is ca. Thus, henleyp makes a histgram with five column and checks following predicates. If at least one of them is true henleyp returns t.

As the frequency does not matter, newly appeared word are memery appended by pushnew.

Function make-sen takes one argument and create a sentence paaul has the word given as argument at the middle. It is seldom that all of them are inwhich means that that judges do not select the real best singer.

Position vectors p and qrespectively of points P and Q which are on segments AB and CD are represented by the position vector of A, B, C, and D abcand drespectively like as follows: It makes a S formula from n-th item pau, the body if n is a integer.

If n is unknown at compile time, convert it to a case syntax.

Following way is not good as the runtime overhead does not decrease. The dummy argument and the actual argument of the lamda formula is different even the names are same. By separating body by the lambda closure, variables outside do not change. For example, the combine in page of lis text book cannot be defined by the message passing model. Chapter pau sharing a nested list let ele ‘ a list ele ele ele not shareing a nested list list list ‘a list ‘a list ‘a sharing a nested list partially three types let ele ‘ a list copy-list ele ele ele setf q make-queue enqueue ‘a q enqueue ‘b q dequeue q defun copy-queue q0 let q1 make-queue setf aansi q1 copy-list car q0 cdr q1 last car q1 q1 defun pushqueue obj q setf car q cons obj car q defun move-front obj q let ls car q setf car q grsham member obj ls cons obj remove obj ls ls cdr q last car q car q defun in-circule obj ls labels rec ls1 if ls1 cond eql obj car ls1 t eq ls cdr ls1 nil t rec cdr ls1 rec ls defun cdr-circular-p ls labels rec ls1 if ls1 or eq cdr ls1 ls rec cdr ls1 rec ls defun car-circular-p ls eq ls car ls Chapter 13 Check a compiled function using disassemble For example, compile the following code.


In the case of clist, small functions like my-add are inlined commmon default. To prohibit it, you have to declare like: In addition, original deffinition causes a stack overflow. In the case of gaham, it dose not matter.

P.Graham “ANSI Common LISP” Answer for Practice

In the case of ray-tracer, you cannot use with-type defined in the text book as structures of numbers are mixed. About the code of the answers You can find the source code here.

The names of some functions are changed in order to avoid corruption. The codes has been checked using clisp on Linux and Win It returns t if x contains nil. The book provide several practices at the end of each chapter.

But, there is no answer, unfortunately.