The-Animatrix script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions explained, deep theories, philosophies, FULL scripts to the Trilogy/Animatrix/Enter the Matrix, discussion forums. The Animatrix is a direct-to-video anthology film based on The Matrix trilogy produced by The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the trilogy. The film is a.

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Somebody tell me why it fells more real when I dream than when I am awake. How can I know if my sense are lying? Reply typed on screen: There is scripy fiction in your truth, and some truth in your fiction.

To know the truth, you must risk everything. Popper eats breakfast, than skateboards to Clearview High School In class, the teacher writes on the blackboard, while Mr.

Popper shoves the teacher aside, leaps across desks, and climbs out a window into the hallway. He sees the agents at the end of the hallway.


He frantically opens his locker and grabs his skateboard. Popper skateboards around the school, maneuvering around both the agents and his teacher.

After tripping his teacher with the skateboard, he dashes into a steaks bathroom. When the agents break in, his teacher rushes to the window, and sees Popper climbing up to the roof.

With that, he falls backwards animmatrix the edge of the roof. As he plummets down, you realize its the same dream that he had had in the beginning. The next scene, you see a gravestone with these words inscribed on it: Michael Karl Popper Beloved Son. Reality can be a pretty scary thing for some people. Its, you know, just a self-defense mechanism sctipt those type of kids. His vitals are good. On the computer screen used by Popper towards the beginning, some words appear where Popper had left off: You are not alone.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Michael Karl Popper the Kid wakes up Typed on screen: Typed back on screen: Popper, what is my policy on ringing phones in the classroom?


For your sake, I hope not. He continues writing on the blackboard.

Animatrix Movie Quotes

The phone rings again. I turned it off. I know I did… Popper answers the phone Morpheus: They know you know. Popper looks out the window and sees three agents get out of a car.

You are in serious trouble Mr. When he reaches the roof, the agents are already there, waiting for him. This is not real. And the real world lies somewhere else. A typical mental delusion. We get unbalanced kids like this all the time.

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