Anatheism has ratings and 17 reviews. Rex said: I am always hesitant to review books written for a conversation for which I lack basic accord. After. In Anatheism, Richard Kearney sets a path of returning to God “after God”. This is a road map for those who have moved intellectually away. So what is anatheism? Kearney describes it variously as a movement, a paradigm, an invitation, a wager, a drama; a position between, before.

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In thus exposing ourselves to the Gods of other traditions we take the risk of dying unto our own. Because of the collapse of the godhead, like the statues of Lenin all over Russia, the anatheistic moment is necessarily obedient to chance, humorous and cunning.

Anatheism—seeking a rebirth of faith after the loss of faith. Distinguished philosopher Richard Kearney calls this condition ana-theosor God after God-a moment of creative “not knowing” that signifies a break with former sureties and invites us to forge new meanings from the most ancient of wisdoms.

In this new book, Kearney discusses how people return to religion after modernity with a neologism of Anatheism. It dislikes authority and doesn’t mind being unnoticed.

Shlomo August kezrney, at 2: Below are some excerpts. Immigrants and tourists alike wander through cities and customs, only hoping to pass without notice.

Some buy condos in both worlds, other live in one and travel occasionally to the other etc. I thought your approach is that we have many realms Torah, science, phhilosophy and we dont harmonize any of them. Kearnsy also follows on discussions between philosophy and theology that overlap at the intersection between double negatives, as in “I didn’t see nothing.

Has the passing of the old God paved the way for aanatheism new kind of religious project, a more responsible way to seek, sound, and love the things we call divine? Few would object to his argument for a religious attitude of hospitality over hostility.


Today people kewrney the torah world today have nothing to say to modern thought in virtue of their torah knowledge. Otherwise why bother living…seclude yourself in a library until you drop. Read the “Conclusion” chapter first. And with God kearnye theology attached, the ana is both pushing into and pulling away from theology, and doing it again, as the Anabaptists are baptized again.

His model for this return is hospitality- a theme of Levinas, Derrida, and especially Ricoeur. The spread is much, much greater. The current issue of Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory has a nice online review summary of the new book by Richard Kearney, Anatheism: It is more like the space around the Word than the letters of the Word. It is almost mystical in its fixation on strangeness.

We karney as the ancients did, either pausing at or turning from daily thresholds.

Richard Kearney on anatheism

Aug 25, Tucker rated it it was amazing Keaeney In a moment of extreme kearhey, this unknown remains standing. The book does however fall short on two accounts: He is someone whom I always read and never actually quote since his best function is to let you know what people are thinking and what is said at conferences. The author recaps toward the end: Return to Book Page. It is not just spiritual, as in instinctive, it is an original preceding genesis.

Kerney are more or less comfortable in both worlds. NOW, it seems that you are presenting in your comments a basic non-correspondence of two realms, religion and secular. The “Conclusion” chapter was lucid in comparison. Is it possible that in this negative insight there could be the possibility of a new religious vision and practice, as Kearney would describe it? I appreciated Kearney’s distillation of a wide range of philosophers and complex themes with logic, clarity, and a beautiful language.


Enter your email anqtheism to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! And finally, anatehism push this metaphor one more time, there are binationals who live in two places easily having intergrated both worlds, a sort of MO nirvana. Jul 12, Glen Keadney. After all, the introduction hooked me enough to make me decide to read the full work.

Since you dissolve the theology-sociology distinction, well it had clear reasons for no longer existing and people not wanting to follow your approach.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Graham rated it liked it Sep 15, At least this is my noetic understanding of a living anatheism, because I understand lost faith and the haunt of history as much as I love Francis of Assisi and the natural world.

That is the wager of anatheism.

Richard Kearney, Anatheism: Returning to God after God. | The Book of Doctrines and Opinions:

Paul Sundberg rated it really liked it Jul 31, I am referring to the obvious fact that many Jews are bicultural. Kearney presents a provocative philosophy of returning to belief in Anathiesm after the unbelief, or a necessary atheistic critique. But in order to make his vision or radical receptivity possible, Kearney must put all religions on a ground he regards as prior, perhaps more aboriginal than any of them.

Do you think it is tougher to be mamshich anatheisn today?