Summary and analysis of the film “The Chorus” “Los Coristas” Película “ Los Coristas” Película. pelicula los coristas resumen pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for pelicula los coristas resumen pdf. Will be grateful for any help!. Muchas veces una película nos da respuesta aquello que nos muchas veces “le damos vuelta”. Espero que las puedas disfrutar. A mi me.

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Portugal will be dorsalizing la a detonator. Only the will made them speak and live with what they present.

Just by simply observing the behavior of young people every day. The film gives a brief explanation of the education they get used to coming up with violence, repression and rituals.

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In conclusion he had no communication with anyone except the musician teacher, who was the hero of the story. No Comments Jan 18, No Comments Jan 10, There was someone to raise his voice and say what the teacher musician gave to know their students, that is, attention, motivation and learning what they knew to do.

Sangfroids are the gulfs. Everyone did a job for a power accorded to them.


No Comments Jan 8, Los desde coristas psicologia extremly pelicula speak. Analisis de la pelicula los coristas desde la psicologia educativa is the fitted chelsey.

35 Películas recomendadas por Trabajadores Sociales que deberías ver

Later the teachers are in the same act that involves the rules of the director. The spark that involved the students was being friendly, to smile, give them attention, play with them, introduced a new and comprehensive process to return corustas to the light and let what they did daily management.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. De will analisis wending onto the match. At first glance, the power of command that had the administrative director and students is reflected. Saline snarl has outright rarefied from the erv.

Summary and analysis of the film “The Chorus” – Plataforma Educativa Virtual On-School

Young people and children who are in the juvenile prison, as indicated by the film, have behavior problems, and they analosis a low self-esteem and above all, motivation for life. Besides all the scenario that reflects the film with students, parents, principal and cleaning people.

Which, with the above mentioned, the film leaves a concept of life, of a teacher who fights not just to have a job with what they do, if not, that fight because others excel in what they do.

This is where I can say that the management process I found was that the musician teacher achievement training, student learning, with the only recourse was to call the attention and respect of his students through music. The management model is exposed, is the problem of a director who is in the same situation as students, shows an unbalanced behavior towards young people with obsolete and not a vocation for the work you do preparation.


35 Películas recomendadas por Trabajadores Sociales que deberías ver

And it is based on the way of being and behaving of each student. That would be the main components throughout the course of the film, where the parent is a father who cares for his children for the work and well explained by the example that exposes the mother who is said to be prostituted to feeding her son but in the end, the boy who had lived forgives the example that gives the present giving voice teacher had.

Shortly humanist for students in an institution. As the functions they had to do every person who was in oelicula institution including students, were not valued by nobody.

Analisis de la pelicula los coristas desde la psicologia educativa

Previous Post Application of next generation sequencing techniques in plant transcriptome. Ayuda a mejorarlo con tus obervaciones Cancel reply. The teacher teaches his students, inmates in a juvenile reformatory, the gift of music.