Buy Mixer – Alto Ghibli 16FX. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. User’s Manual GHIBLI 16/ GHIBLI 16FX CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE/WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS R LTO Version September Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX. CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE WITH DIGITAL EFFECTS. Alto Professional Legacy Mixer GHIBLIFX TECH.

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It can affect most fundamental frequencies of all musical instruments and human voice.

Alto GHIBLI 16FX Manuals

Failure to do so could result in fire. Power Cord and Plug Do not tamper with the power cord or plug. This is to prevent the risk of electric shock. Hazardous Live Terminal ON: Any photocopy, translation, or reproduction of part of this manual without written permission is forbidden.

Speed 4 14 Chorus3 Base Rev.

Never cut internal or external Ground wires. Servicing Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel only. It is used to boost male voice, kickdrum or bass guitar. Speed 2 8 Vibrato1 Base Rev. Turn this control fully counterclockwise and the signal will be present only on the left speaker and viceversa. An attentive use of this control will give you a very wide panorama of sound effects.

Denotes the product is turned on. Unplug the product before electrical storms occur and when unused for long periods of time to reduce the risk of electric shock or fire. These are designed for vhibli safety.

The two yellow LEDs show the amount of compression applied to the input signal. A dry and clean cloth will be OK. The product has been altered or modified in any way.


Ghibli 16 – Nilfisk-ALTO GHIBLI 16FX User Manual

Abnormal service or repairing by anyone other than the qualified personnel or technician. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord. If in doubt, seek advice from a registered electrician. Ghib,i function for all mono channels. Speed 1 9 Flanger4 Base Rev. Please fill out all the information carefully and genuinely, miswriting or absence of this card will void your warranty service.

You will get the smooth, accurate more natural and open sound from this apparatus, and it is really ideal for small gigs, recording and fixed PA installations. Keep this control in center position and your signal will be positioned in the middle of stage.

While speaking into the mic or playing the instrumentadjust the channel level control so to maintain a good headroom and ideal dynamic range. Now repeat the same sequence 16gx all other input channels. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you. And in such cases, all the expenses will be charged to the buyer. It provides the following features: Also, You should make sure that all input and output controls are turned down before connecting the AC adapter.

For safety, keep product clean and free from dust. So akto should follow these procedures for every single channel: You can use both for stereo and for surround system wiring.

Alto Professional – LEGACY MIXERS Series > GHIBLI 16FX

Covers should be removed by qualified service personnel only. This will avoid damage to your a,to and avoid excessive noise. To prevent fire and damage to the product, use only the recommended fuse type as indicated in this manual. Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent zlto to the product. All features and content might be changed without prior notice. You can pick up their signals using an insert cable.


However, we advise you ghiboi read carefully the following section to be the real master of your own mixer. Your system will sound much bigger than what it is.

This symbol, wherever used, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions. You can use it to get rid of high frequency noises or to boost the sound of cymbals or the high harmonics of the human voice.

In no event shall LTO be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. External Connection Protect the power cord and plug from any physical stress to avoid risk of electric shock.

You can adjust the stereo image of the signal via this control. Speed 4 6 Vibrato3 Base Rev. Always use proper ready-made insulated mains cabling power cord. Depth 16 Chorus1 Base Rev. A brief description of the defect will be appreciated. Now, turn on the power of any perpheral devices, and then power up the mixer.