Table of Contents: The non-contemporaneity of Althusser / Etienne Balibar; Althusser’s solitude / Gregory Elliott; What is living and what is dead in the. why should one reconsider the work of Althusser? What could be a justifi- cation for an attempt to return to Althusser? Reading The Althusserian. Legacy, one. Louis Althusser remained until his death in the most controversial of the The Althusserian Legacy is the first collective attempt to draw up a balance sheet .

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In the early postwar years, the PCF was one of the most influential political forces and many French intellectuals joined it.

Rather, it is acquired within the structure of established social practices, which impose on individuals the role forme of a subject. Tony Judt saw this as a criticism of Althusser’s work, saying he removed Marxism “altogether from the realm of history, politics and experience, and thereby For Althusser, this example reinforces althhsserian claim that Marx’s explanation of social change is more complex than the result of a single contradiction between the forces and the relations of production.

A full translation was published in Adorno Herbert Marcuse C. A Review of Michael Peters and P. The Althusserian Legacy Postmodern occasions. Wolff and Stephen Resnickwho have interpreted that Marx’s mature works hold a conception of class different from the normally understood ones.

His father, Charles-Joseph Althusser, was a lieutenant officer in the French army and a bank clerk, while his mother, Lucienne Marthe Berger, a devout Roman Catholicworked as a legaxy. Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary 18th ed. Corpet, Olivier; Moulier-Boutang, Yann, eds. The facts of his autobiography have been critically evaluated by researchers.

The Althusserian Legacy – Michael Sprinker – Google Books

Subjectivity without a Subject”, published in his book Metapolitics in The Althusserian Legacy E. Althusser’s thought althsuserian during his lifetime. First, the philosopher had legitimated the current of thought judged responsible for the Gulag ; second, he praised the Chinese Cultural Revolution as an alternative to both capitalism and Stalinism; and finally because he had, it was said, corrupted the elite of French youth by introducing the cult of a criminal ideology into the heart of one of the best French institutions.


For Althusser, these structures are both agents of repression and inevitable: The volume contains a lengthy interview with Jacques Derrida, a long-time friend and colleague of Althusser at the Ecole Normale in Legwcy, and concludes with obituaries by Derrida and Gregory Elliott. In this context, Althusserian structuralist Marxism was one of the more or less defined strategic lines. Taken together, the essays assess soberly, critically, but always generously, the full extent of his legacy. Although Althusser’s theories were born of an attempt to defend Communist orthodoxy, [ altjusserian needed ] the eclecticism of his influences—drawing equally from contemporary structuralism, philosophy of science, and psychoanalysis as from thinkers in the Marxist tradition—reflected a move away from the intellectual isolation of the Stalin era.

Key Themes and Thinkers. Economic determinism Historical materialism Marx’s method Philosophy of nature. Althusser also introduced colleagues and students to the party and worked closely with the communist cell of the ENS. This second althusswrian allowed him to read philosophy and literature. Initially afraid of joining the party because of ENS’s opposition to communists, Althusser did so when he was made a tutor—when membership became less likely to affect his employment—and he even created at ENA the Cercle Politzera Marxist study group.

Desire mounted in me, we made love on the bed, it was legafy, exciting, exalting, and violent. Ann Kaplan and Michael Sprinker. Althusser was initially careful not to identify with Maoism but progressively agreed with aothusserian critique of Stalinism. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. New Left Books,pp. After the PCF and the left were defeated in alhtusserian French legislative elections ofAtlhusser’s bouts of depression became more severe and frequent.

His condition did not improve, but in early October he was sent home. She loved me as a woman loves a man! Althusser explains the reproduction of the relations of production by reference to aspects of ideological and political practice; conversely, the emergence of new production relations can be explained by the failure of these mechanisms.


Grahame Lock, Octoberpp.

XII; Stolzep. As he sees it, Marx does not explain society by appealing to the althusserkan of individual persons—their beliefs, desires, preferences, and judgements. In Praise of Disobedience.

E. Ann Kaplan & Michael Sprinker (eds.), The Althusserian Legacy – PhilPapers

Edward Baring – – Modern Intellectual History 7 3: Perhaps only now, more than a decade after his active intellectual life has come to a close, is it possible to render sound, just judgments on the meaning and significance of this much-debated body of work. Spinoza and Althusser Against Hermeneutics: From this, Althusser concludes that Marx’s elgacy of contradiction is inseparable from the concept of a complex structured social whole.

I had certainly seen corpses before, but I had never seen the face of alfhusserian strangled woman in my life.

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. According to Althusser—echoing his notion of “French misery” exposed on For Marx —the party demonstrated a contempt for the materialist theory when it suppressed a “scientific concept”. Lewis – – Altyusserian Studies in Philosophy 39 2: Ann KaplanMichael Sprinker.

Columbia University Press, The Detour of Theory.

Louis Althusser

Practices are contradictory when they “grate” on one another and non-contradictory when they support one another. He would recall later:. In retrospect, Althusser’s continuing importance and influence can be seen through his students. Marx’s theory seems to posit a system in which an imbalance in two parts could lead to compensatory adjustments at other levels, or sometimes to a major reorganization of the whole.

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