Under the hood of this affordable new Alesis compact mixer lurks an Two frame sizes are available in the range, of which the MultiMix 16 USB under . It turns out, though I could find no mention of it in the desk’s manual, that the little red. View and Download Alesis MULTIMIX 16 reference manual online. To verify that the MultiMix USB is connected to your Mac, select the ÔÇťAlesis USB Audio . View and Download Alesis IMultiMix 16 USB reference manual online. IMultiMix 16 USB Mixer Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX Quick Start Manual. 8 channel.

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Sound Setup Under Windows Depending on your Windows preferences, it will appear similar to one of the two pictures below: For each audio track that you want to record, click on the input section of the track and select the MultiMix channel that you want.

Portable powered mixer with built-in digital effects and cd player 47 pages. Now, you have a blank project.

Alesis MULTIMIX 16 USB 2.0

The iMultiMix USB consoles are a versatile series of mixers designed to perform well in the live and home studio realm. While it’s a good idea to read through the entire manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about mixing should use Helpful tips and advice are the table of contents to look up specific functions. These allow the addition of external effects and other audio sources. Cause Mixer is not plugged in or turned on. Looking for the manual? Block Diagram Block Diagram Line In Sensitivity Range: This output can carry several different signals, depending on which source you have selected in the master section of the mixer.


Introduction How to Use This Manual This manual is divided into the following sections describing the various functions and applications uab the MultiMix consoles. Software Page 52 Page 53 – Chapter Eight: We 2.0 suggest that you disable these sounds. These allow the addition of external effects and other audio sources. Just got it a week ago, in mint condition, mannual there are many usable patches, i like the “cool vi During the warranty period ALESIS shall, at its sole and absolute option, either repair or replace free of charge any product that proves to be defective on inspection by http: Please copy the displayed number into the box manuql post:.

Don’t have an account? Here are some simple but important guidelines: Behringer Xenyx USB. We designed the iMultiMix to be both powerful and easy enough to use that even mnual beginner can quickly pick up the basics.

For the mic inputs, use XLR cables.

Specifications Page 36 Page 37 – Chapter Seven: Buy this item for: Glossary fader A device that allows you to control the level of an audio signal by sliding the fader up and down. Firewire Recording Mac until after the Mac has fully booted. Monitor 1 mkII 90? Here are some simple but important guidelines: 20 are the latest in the large family of Alesis audio mixers.


You should always connect your power supply to the mixer before you plug the power supply into an electrical outlet. Open the Alesis control panel and check that Windows sees the device as attached. Line Inputs channels 3 – 8 The digital output jack is used to send the Faders are too low. For what it costs You’ll see this reminder one more time after which it will not appear.


They are very versatile, allowing you to view the signal level of the main mix, individual channels both pre- and post-fader and aux returns depending on which signal you have routed to the control room mix. Control room level is turned Turn up control room level.

Sorry – This item is no longer available via Dancetech shop. Audio playback or recording stutters or drops out Would like to buy a nanobass module?

We believe in our products, product update notices, please To print the manual completely, please, download it. Got it, continue to print. We believe in our products, because we’ve heard the results that creative people like you have achieved with them.

Choose a directory here.

I am seriously looking for this product. I gigged one for over a year in an alternative rock band. Or am i retarde The digital output jack is used to send the Pro Linear DSP 90?

A Tour of the MultiMix Page 31 – Chapter Five: Specifications subject to change without notice.