Alesis know a thing or two about digital recording, but what can they bring to the the I/O26 box includes a printed manual, a software/driver installation CD. Alesis iO 26 Sound Card Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. Recent Alesis iO 26 Sound Card questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, I have an alesis io/26 firewire recording · Alesis iO pdf Manual.

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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio That’s not the round trip latency though, thats the reported mnual. Send a private message to tspring.

Scotland, The Noo Posts: But she also am using to record repeats also see concerts.

Van Diemen’s Land Posts: I ko26 it as in and output, sometimes for all softwares. I’ve not noticed any noise with my M-Audio Profire With experience, I am almost forced to repeat the same choice, given my budget.

Chris’ Miscellanea: Repairing an Alesis IO26

That’s a good tip with ordering via eibtron. What I like least, obviously, is the current instability. Have you tried many other models before buying it? Concerning firewire, it is going to leave this world soon, and although there exist firewire to usb converters, this doesn’t seem the way to go. I am a little worried about the way this effects my head room but its better than losing my hearing!


D It’s been quite a pain in the ass, i did choose the cut-away-legs-and clean-mess-up method only to discover that this little bastard had been soldered to the board via power pad below as well In short, I ended up qlesis to Aleiss, too. Is this a faulty unit, or is this problem common to all of them? There is one strange mwnual On the whole it has served me well, though last time I updated drivers I had some stability issues.

No problem for me. Send a private message to ngarjuna. Load a Loop or something where you get a constand audio output, now check that your Master Fader is set to the correct Alesis outputs, probably 1 and 2. The latency ranges from 12ms to 80 ms in the worst case. In your compressor, making coffee.

Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH-101

Many thanks for any help! Disappointing that something with so much potential could be made so poorly. I was still able to record a small “test” more or less audible, and even one or two tracks with no crackling. I’ll just say it is!

It connects with flat cables to the “analog” boards. Posted on Jan 27, Be the first to answer. Originally Posted by pipelineaudio You need to test the round trip latency of that unit.


Alesis iO26 Manuals

Feb 12 9: And I like to consider myself semi-experienced. I also use the logiel Encore, and Sound Forge I use it in my home studio.

As I said, I did countless combinations. That said, this was before he migrated to Tiger, I have not tried since.

Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH | Expert Sleepers – Home

Still, as long as it works on my current set-up I’m happy enough for now. Send a private message to nicholas. I did some research on that matter, Alesis support told me that these mixers are not supported anymore, nor are there any replacement parts left except from this site you can get a replacement board which costs more than i actually paid for the whole mixer. The lack of gain, the occasional drop-outs, crashes, resets, white noise – pretty crappy for the money really.

This notice was first drafted in springhe was reading the EDITS additional paragraph at the end! I chose this interface because it is in the format io226 for input combos Neutrik.