Shoji Nishio (c ). Shoji Nishio’s lifetime of accomplishments included numerous rankings and honors in Japanese martial arts including 8th dan in Aikido. Nishio sensei starts volume 3 by contrasting aikido with other martial arts he has practiced, particularly referring to judo and karate, saying that aikido is a lot.

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Nishikaze Aikido Society of America

I went to Karate first. The lights in the dojo were just bare light bulbs — only half of it was covered with tatami. However, for the last 10 years aikido practice in general has lost more and aioido of its martial aspects mostly because practitioners get too comfortable doing the same thing.

And Nishio sensei is very fast, if he didn’t explain from time to time what he is doing, you could easily miss more than half of it. This is not something that can be done in a single morning and an evening. NishikazeAikido TV is available to everyone regardless of affiliation to help you explore Aikido in incredible new ways. The hand in irimi is absolutely not used to push back towards the opponent, it is instead used to draw out the opponent, while one enters directly.

At that time Nuke Nisgio, where Hombu Dojo was, was a residential area. At the time all of the old students from the provinces, from Osaka to Kyushu, came running to help. It was a time when all Japanese were hungry and only people who could be called martial arts fanatics would come! A judo-like throw is extremely difficult to achieve in a real fight, especially against multiple opponents, which might be armed here Nishio sensei tells an amusing anecdote about two judoka getting in a streetfight – so who was the other judoka?


No mangling or killing of pinned opponents with various shouts as in certain styles, instead great attention is devoted to the most crucial but very often overlooked phase of the encounter, the time up to the initial contact.

Nishio Sensei was a great innovator and highly ranked in numerous martial arts. How were Doshu and Yamaguchi Sensei at putting away drinks? November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Anyway, we when aikico entered, that was the case. So I said that for us there is something different and switched them all right over to Aikido.

Aikido must therefore also be applicable with the ken and jo. Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. In Showa year 30 the ambassadors and ministers from many countries were invited to five days of demonstrations on the rooftop of the Takashimaya Department Store.

Facebook Login 0 Items. The world is changing more rapidly than ever. Volume 4 starts with a second form of irimi, in which is explained that in aikido the hand is used like the sword, which is totally different from its use in karate to block – with the remark that the swords must be used correctly. Even so, he personally maintained a good relationship with Hombu and with Nihsio Sensei. He received the Budo Koryusho award from the Japanese Budo Federation for his lifetime contribution to the development and advancement of Aikido throughout the world.


Gokyo also presents many difficulties. Shoji Nishio c At the beginning how often were you training in Aikido? O Sensei said that Shoji Nishio represented the future of Aikido. Those are the memories I have of that time.

Shoji Nishio – Wikipedia

What follows is the English translation of an interview with Shoji Nishio sensei that took place at the Warabi Aikidokai on February 9th, He died in March aged Around then, Kisshomaru Doshu invited me through Yamaguchi-san to go drinking. Then follow some warm-up exercises, with possible applications, for which the importance of atemi is stressed.

Thank you for posting it! Unfortunately, the senior students who had that as a goal are gradually dying away, and the loss of substance just progresses.

Today, when people know only Aikido, many are filled with doubts. NASA is a c 3 non-profit public charity educational corporation. He next explains the tapes show his everyday training, which differs from how aikido is generally practiced, and invites the viewer to adopt this method in practice, or to disregard it if it is not deemed worthwhile. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.