A rising star of pop science investigates whether virgin birth might be possible in the In Like a Virgin, biologist and science writer Aarathi Prasad examines. What if you could have children without sex? It might sound like the plot of a dystopian novel, but biologist Aarathi Prasad thinks it’ll soon be. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Think of her as the female equivalent of Brian Cox making science Like a Virgin: How Science Is Redesigning the Rules of Sex – Kindle edition by Aarathi Prasad. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

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Maybe the very fact that it is laden with complicated, detailed, though fascinating information has something to do with the fact that I am the first to write a review.

Researching the book, Prasad visited a neonatal unit in Hackney, east London, where she saw very premature babies in incubators. John Durkin rated it really liked it Jan 12, Are we about to start reproducing in entirely new ways? The main joy of having a baby through sexual reproduction is the anticipation of the lottery outcome of similar and new features in the child that has been created.

Very interesting, my only concern reading this in May is that the information might by now be slightly outdated or at least not fully updated. Author repeats herself thereafter. I was gifted this book as part of the GoodReads giveaway. Men and women could have an equal role in parenting, right from conception. We’re some way from finding out.

The book surveys a strange corner in the biology of fish, birds, insects, and mammals. Anyway,although I found the book hard going in places, I was pleased that I persevered as I unexpectedly developed an interest in the subject.

Read more Read less. And discussing the matter becomes all the more urgent when you learn that findings could be available in the near term.

India is rife with young women becoming surrogate mothers for foreigners who can pay them a third of what they would pay a woman in their countries. Every chapter starts with a documented story, which makes it easier to relate the processes to an actual occurrence.


The view until that time was that the sperm implanted a fully formed embryo into the womb, the function of which was to provide a safe haven for its growth.

Neha Agarwal rated it really liked it Oct 12, For everyone who thinks that pregnancy is nothing but a woman carrying a fetus around in her abdomen for nine months, I wish there were a requirement to read pgasad book. It jumps from reproductive materials trafficking to surrogate agencies in Mumbai, to ovaries transplantation, to solo parents – individuals who choose to have and raise children without a partner.

Book Review: “Like a Virgin”, by Aarathi Prasad – Bitesize Bio

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You could still do all that. These have long been a staple of science fiction, but they have also been created and used in reality — although for sharks rather than humans. One fact that struck me was the chance of preeclampsia, potentially fatal, being greater in the first pregnancy, More specifically, the first pregnancy with the father. The world is a much weirder place than I imagined after reading this book.

But the book is most extraordinary when it considers the future of reproduction without sex. For everyone who believes that “one man, one woman” is a simple statement, I wish ljke were a requirement to read the first sections of this book. Started strong, ended with a flat tone. Aarathi Prasad likes talking about sex—from a uniquely scientific viewpoint.

Like a Virgin

You could recreate all that. Here’s how terms and conditions apply. It’s this vanity of humans to think of themselves as special, as being at the height of evolution.

Prasad then transports us to the maverick laboratories that today are inventing the ptasad of ‘nonsexual selection’, from other to daughter womb transplants to egg fertilizing computer chips, from sperm replacements for women to silicone wombs for men. The true virgin birth in mice described on one page — the field of non-canonical reproduction is simply not mature enough to write a book about.

I may come back to it next year. Apart from the disappointment with the oversell, the question I expected to be covered, but which Dr. People who are accelerating our culture and aarqthi the conversation — for good or for ill. I couldn’t help but apply it to the issue of rape.

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The section of the book focusing on the present day is full of truly astonishing facts about animal and human reproductive biology. The title is rather a provocative one. Want to Read saving…. It isn’t just the Y chromosome that makes a difference for development of a male; it’s having the right bits of the Y chromosome. Rally rated it really liked it Mar 19, Despite my initial misgivings, I did take on board much of what was expounded and it certainly made me think about things in rather a different way.

In order to read this, you need a little bit of knowledge about the human body, for example how the reproductive organs function and other organs too. Previously a cancer genetics researcher at Imperial College London, she subsequently moved into the worlds of science communication and policy, in areas including passage of the human-animal chimaera stem-cell bill in the UK Parliament.

In her mids, while finishing a PhD in cancer genetics, she had a daughter, Tara, but her relationship with Tara’s father ended during the pregnancy. While LaV is full of interesting information, it is written dully. Ira Byock advocates a formula to make the last few years of living suck a little less. As a happily childless woman I am not particularly interested in the ins and outs of the uterus the reason I wanted to read this was the more science fictional aspects explored but even the biology parts were made interesting by not overly complicated explanations that leave you with a good general idea of things going from DNA splitting to the consequences of assisted reproduction, both physic I was gifted this book as part of the GoodReads giveaway.

Manipulation of DNA essentially allowed the scientists to use an egg’s chromosomes as if they had come from a sperm. Their potential is summed up in the final paragraphs of her new book, Like a Virgin: Michelle rated it really liked it Nov 20, The risks to the mother are real.