Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO series All-purpose medium pressure pump; Size 18 ; Nominal pressure bar; Maximum pressure bar. Axial Piston Variable Pump. A10VSO. Data sheet. Series Sizes 18 to Nominal pressure bar. Maximum pressure bar. Open circuit. Features. Sizes 18 to ▷ Nominal pressure bar. ▷ Maximum pressure bar. ▷ Open circuit. Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO Series RE

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We would be happy to have you and your organization as part of our valued clientele. The pump will then reduce its flow as the pressure increases further to remain approximately within the power limit set. The cut off compensator is a spool that sees pump outlet pressure and works against a spring to directly control the servo piston to de-stroke the pump to hold BAR.

Am sharing the pdf file here. Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites pjmp collecting and reporting information anonymously. The A10VSO range of variable displacement piston pump is designed for use in open circuit hydraulic system, and comes with swash plate design. Hydraulic variable pumps in axial piston swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in an open circuit.

I am maintaining a hydraulic press which is a1v0so a piston of mm. It’s not necessary to operate EV3 to close the press as it is closed by the two kicker cylinders on either side via EV1. If it’s just a close and push like a coining press the power limit control is not really required.

You probably know very well s10vso a pressure relief on a LS line work. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. Practically, power control is taking place in the circuit – otherwise a pump delivering lpm of oil cannot go up to a pressure of bars with a 35 HP Motor.

It is usually around – kPa. For axial piston units with swashplate design, the pistons are arranged axially with respect to the drive shaft.


Can OP post some better pictures please. When you first start the pump, the pressure at the outlet is what the load sense compensator is set to. Like you say Adrian, there is most likely an orifice in the regulator itself but for this application it may have been removed. Lump makes no difference to me at all, I just think that it’s important to get the facts right. Is there a problem a10vxo the current operation or are you just trying to understand what’s happening?

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Bosch Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pumps Type A10VSO series 31

A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control It’s a load sensing pump and it senses the pressure difference across the, what looks to be, the 6. How does the pump maintains is flow level. The 1mm not 6. The name plate on the pump a10vxo correct, it’s a DRS controller.

The margin compensator controls the pump angle to set flow.

A10V(S)O variable piston pump – Rexroth

A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control drawing is the drawing of a pump with power regulation. I think maybe the person who wrote the manual was in a hurry. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The way pump pressure and flow control systems work are not similar, they are fundamentally different.

Please find document below http: Deactivating this cookie would stop permitting the orders. LS systems are indeed brilliant for use in many mobile machine applications where the operator constantly regulates the speed and position of multiple cylinder powered functions. The flow can be steplessly changed by adjusting the swashplate.

The point at which the pump flow rate will start to reduce is therefore determined by the setting of the proportional relief valve provided it is set lower than the load pressure. It has two drainage ports on the housing, and superior suction performance.


Variable Displacement Pump A10VSO / A10VO

Usually but not always an increase in pressure will increase the flow. We also have 1a0vso stock seamless tubes to DINC as well as brass, copper and stainless steel grades ofand L. The proportional relief valve cannot control the pressure drop across the orifice as you say.

Pkmp Variable displacement pump power control No, both compensators are working but they are controlling the maximum cut-off pressure and torque limit pressure not the pump flow. No, both compensators are working but they are controlling the maximum cut-off pressure and torque limit pressure not the pump flow.

Could you give me details on this phenomenon? Thanks once again for clearing my concepts!! In this case, rather than having a variable orifice, the flow is being varied instead. It could be also be as simple as Rexroth stocking the A10 with DRS regulator and that there was a long lead time for something more suitable or maybe it was cheaper.

Pressure is a direct result of resistance to flow, so the control of pressure and flow is similar, not the same, just similar. Unless we are going to make arrangements to visit the press and instrument it, we will just be making educated guesses at how it actually does function.

If the flow is dynamically controlled, then power control can be achieved. I can’t find a similar option for the A10, the only way using an A10 pumps seems to be this setup with a DRS controller. You said “It’s an elegant solution, it works and the pump name plate is correct. So whilst I agree that the pump has power control, the flow and pressure control are as described above. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control So you are saying that both compensators that are on the drawing and visible in the pictures are actually not working?