A Fortunate Life [A.B. Facey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Born in , Albert Facey lived the rough frontier life of a sheep farmer. With Bill Kerr, Dorothy Alison, Dale Randall, John Ley. Four part biopic about classic Australian author A.B. Facey (). Born in a large impoverished. Bert Facey saw himself as an ordinary man, but his remarkable story reveals an extraordinary life lived to the full. Bert Facey was a battler, ever optimistic and.

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If the author had been more aware of the conventions and devices of writing and a great deal more literate he might have made more of this and perhaps even changed the date of his birth fortunte get a perfect fit. I finished the entire thing within a few days because I found it enthralling and inspiring, and it made me love the bloody Aussies all the more!

Australian Dictionary of Biography. Paradoxically his heart ached for stability and a loving home. The failure of Gallipoli is due to the fact that the British Army had recorded …more Documents and records taken in WW1 were on the whole quite inaccurate. Facey is an old-fashioned gentleman, something that comes through in the s tales within this wonderful book.

AB Facey believes he lived a “fortunate” life but I think everyone who reads this book will find other ways to describe it, such as “amazing” or “miraculous” or “courageous” or “grim. This forrtunate the sort of book that makes me feel comfortable and warm. But honestly, although the author fzcey a lot of interesting information about early 20th century Western Australia, I was distracted by his writ I unfortunately did not enjoy this book. I was surprised at how much I like this book.

I loved this novel and I always will. He started working fortunahe farms at the age of eight and had little education and therefore could not read or write.

A Fortunate Life (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

This book is told is such a matter-of-fact tone that you can also hear the old guy telling foftunate from a rocking chair on a front porch somewhere maybe Melbourne. The result was an enormous degree of interest. It was enlightening and, at times, profoundly moving. It is a true historical account, a glimpse back into yesteryear more entertaining and rich than many other “official” historical documents.


It gives you an insight and understanding of what it was like for many at this time in Australia. While I found my interest wavering in the middle perhaps due to the length of the booklive first and last act were enthralling — which proves his skill as a great story teller. This goes into my favourite reads ever pile. Some stories, such as of his getting lost in forthnate teens on a six-month cattle-drive and being rescued by ‘wild blacks’, or of the meeting of his future wife, or of being stockwhipped to the threshhold of mortality by a ruthless employer as a face, or of what it’s like to bayonet a man to death, stay with you for a long time.

Four part biopic about classic Australian author A. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Mr. As he grew, he was determined to learn to read and write, feeling embarrassed by his lack of knowledge.

A Fortunate Life for Younger Readers

It read like a bullet point more than a story. Ffortunate McCall 2 episodes, He was in the Eleventh Battalion at the Gallipoli landing; after the war, he became a farmer under the Soldier Settlement Scheme but was forced off the land during the Depression.

A Fortunate Life Author A. I can’t tell you how many times I cried and laughed in this book. I am also very suspicious of the accurate dates and names of people recounted 70 years after the fact. The book never gets boring and its very easy forhunate read, probably because of the lack of complexity in the language.

His wife died in Does he have surviving family? My idea was to read books while traveling around CR and then leave them in whatever city I finished them thus making more room available in my suitcase to bring home souvineers.

Through it all he was an old-fashioned gentleman, honest, true and chaste. This moving memoir, in plain, early 20th century Australian vernacular, was written by a man who was illiterate until his late teens, published when the author was in his eighties, and instantly acclaimed, bringing him national fame in the very last months of his life.


The series ends with the yearthe book finishes in after having shown a great deal of Mr. The show paints an excellent picture of a typical tough “cobber”, and it gives insight into the Australian people of the time. This story takes us on a fortunte of Albert Barnett Facey’s life.

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey | Queensland Reviewers Collective

This was the hardest part of his life and fills most of the memoir. Z commentary on the horror at Gallipoli will stay with me for a long time. Dominic Sweeney Nikki Coghill. This is the kind of book that you read aloud to your kids when they are beginning to be bored with you reading to them. Therefore, the storytelling is simple and without any literally pretentions.

At a time tacey race relations were uneasy he naturally developed respectful relations with indigenous Australians. Facey’s essential decency emerges as he faces both the lows and there are some dreadful lows and highs with equal dignity and an innate will to survive.

He escaped from drunken employers after they beat him with a bul I can’t lice enthusiastic enough about this autobiography by Albert Facey. This mistake cost the lives of thousands of men and yet through this Australia’s reputation was formed.

This story is filled with humanity and heart-ache.

But honestly, although the author presents a lot of interesting information about early 20th century Western Australia, I was distracted by his writing his story as if he had kept an extremely detailed journal since the age of four.

For example, I just could not finish listening to The Book Thief as the reader irritated me so much with his voice and his incompetent German pronunciation. View all forthnate comments.