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We will get good at this some day, maybe Sonos will hire us?? This weekend I am going to build a dim bulb tester and am planning on following Daniel’s blog on disassembling the AMP.

Search in all forums Search in ‘Advanced setups’.

I get some voltage on the primary like 10vbut nothing on the secondary. I once removed that inductor it was a 5m025r pain getting all 4 wires back in in an attempt to find out if my short was in the rectifier 2 diode packs clipped to the chassis or the load.

I’m reading 44V at 1 and 3 with a dim bulb as well.

5MR Datasheet, 5MR PDF, Pinouts, Circuit – Fairchild Semiconductor

I had to get creative and solder wire patches to get it through the hole so I could solder the leads back I just got notice the unit shipped and will be here next week. In order to get it to melt, I had to get my Hakko iron up to degrees. Next the function of the PFC charge pump circuit is explained in detail using the pulse diagram of Fig. Sonos and Sonos product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sonos, Inc.


That is the unit I am working currently.

5M0265R Datasheet

Is that with or without the PWM attached? If so smokin’ deal! Playback stops all the time!!

SPS Idrain 1 2 Figure That site and doc really walks through the different sides of a power supply and what to look for. For me it was the load. Some of the choices that Sonos has made are exotic, like the integrated PWM they use for the bias converter.

5MR Datasheet PDF – Fairchild

Just need to get that piece off but I dread it since it has a lot of solder datwsheet and the heath sink. S The circuit contains 8 blocks: All other product names and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

A common rule is that allthe transformer.

The best way to get it off was keep cracking at it with desoldering braid. An idealFigure 9. Keep in mind it was DMM tested on board and I have not removed it. I’m guessing that will take a breadboard.


Bob is your Uncle! On your first one getting the chassis apart is an adventure. If you remove the PWM, clean it and use the arctic silver 5 thermal paste. I’ll post when I get them and try it out. I am surprised I didn’t destroy contacts as I really had to put that iron on for a while to get that solder to move.

Now I just need to find a replacement. You can always get stuff from China via eBay for example. To adapt the SMPS switching frequency in the synchronized mode. In continuity mode with a DMM you just get a short since it just sees a wire. Anyways, I really hope this helps others.

I put together a little procedure for removing the bias converter PWM. It will distribute the heat much better. The amp has no power. We CAN fix these things and with a great community like we have here, we can keep these things running.