Gnolls were a humanoid race that most closely resemble human-hyena hybrids within Faerûn. They were carnivorous 5e; 4e; 2e; 1e. 5e. 4e. 2e. 1e. 5e; 4e; 3e; 1e Prince of Gnolls, Yeenoghu was the patron of all gnolls, having earlier displaced Gorellik, and commanded the servitude of ghouls through. So I’m playing a gnoll in a game soon, hopefully. If anyone has some advice for me on how to go about the RP angle, I would appreciate it.

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Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. For this purpose most packs have specialized slavers known as tantekurash or “spirit gonll who make it their business to break the will of a slave through repetitive torture.

Gnoll (4e Racial Trait Variant)

Relevant details – Holdn is trying to adhere to a Good alignment. Gnolls tower over humans, with the average gnoll standing over 7 feet tall. Pathfinder’s “Classic Monsters Revisited” states that gnolls give birth to litters of pups, who become “dangerous” by 3 years old and fully grown adults by the age of 8; female gnolls become reproductively mature at any point between the ages of 10 and 18 years.

Dwarf – Elf – Hobbit – Human. In Pathfindergnolls worship Lamashtua Demon Prince turned full-fledged evil goddess of monsters, mutations and misbirths, who they claim literally gave birth to them.


PC Gnoll (4e Conversion) [PEACH]

An even less fortunate few find their minds so broken that they actually embrace the brutality of their captors, becoming the kryshantel or “savage souls,” who follow their masters into battle as thralls. However, a gnoll is fiercely loyal to its comrades, to the point of laying down its life for its chosen pack.


Dagnyr is a gnoll ranger. Gnolls, from Dragon Magazine issue Results 1 to 18 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. In some settings, such as the Wicked Fantasy setting, it’s stated that gnolls can actually move around more quickly and easily on all fours, furthering their “primalness”.

Gnoll | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Cannibalism need not be evil, after all. In fact, so similar are male and female gnolls in appearance that they are often mistaken for one another and gnopl only reliable way to tell the difference other than through a close physical examination is if a female is pregnant or openly nursing. You have proficiency in the Intimidate and Perception skills. The skill proficiency is based partly in the Fear mantra most Gnolls follow in Yeenoghu’s name in addition to the fact that Gnoll search for omens everywhere for signs from their demonic lord.

You deal an extra 2 damage on melee attacks against an enemy that has two or more of your allies adjacent to it.

They are described as resembling huge, emaciated hyenadons glowing with eerie yellow gjoll, and possess ghoul -like abilities, such as paralytic attacks.

I love Gnolls and I think they’re underused. Monster Manual 4th editionpg. In the earliest editions, they were actually created by Gorellik, a giant hyena-like lesser member of the Giant ‘s pantheon, but he was such a lazy, disinterested, gnlol god that Yeenoghu was able to steal the gnolls away from him and he never even noticed.

The 5e Monster Manual outright says gnolls, unlike other monster races, are just born bad, due to the demonic influence of their creator Yeenoghu. Most of these individuals are broken creatures, little more conscious than the hyenas gnolls favor as pets, but a bnoll retain their intellect, effectively becoming gnolls in all but form.


Epic Feats The feat in the following section is available to a character of 21st level or higher who meets the prerequisites.

Hunger motivates a Gnoll to go forth and slay in Yeenoghu’s name. A gnoll might have gleaming red eyes, or black fur with fiery orange spots; a wide range of variation is possible.

The first ever color tnoll of a gnoll, done by Tony DiTerlizzi. This source stated that gnolls are actually matriarchal, and that the pack is always ruled by an alpha female. These gnolls follow the Pact of Znir; a young code of civilization that they collectively agreed to. Thanks for any advice you may have.

Gnoll – 1d4chan

Gnolls who fight side by side regularly throw away personal glory in order to help their brethren. Most prefer the wilds to civilization, but some adapt and come to see the city as another sort of jungle. Any ideas what deity he could focus his attentions toward eventually? I may choose to make the racial stat bonus to Strength based on Volo’s Guide to Monsters description as follows: Trying to be good and trying to be human are two seperate things.

You charge, and deal an extra 2 damage on a successful attack.