SIMOTICS S Synchronous servo geared motor 1FK7 Compact, kW Naturally cooled Power/signal connectors Connector can be rotated by ° Motor. With the servomotors, Siemens offers a range of synchro- nous motors that are SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors are the first choice when motion control applications. The SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors can be supplied in combination with planetary gearboxes as compact, coaxially designed drive units. The gearboxes are flanged.

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Output shaft bearings dimensioned for high cantilever and axial loads with preloaded 1vk7 bearings. The geared motors have high maximum torques and permit high radial and axial forces at the shaft extension.

A brief siejens of its strengths Power transmission from the central sun wheel via planet wheels No shaft deflections in the planet wheel set due to symmetrical force distribution Very low moment of inertia and hence short acceleration times of the motors Output shaft bearings dimensioned for high cantilever and slemens loads with siemen tapered-roller bearings The gearboxes are connected to the motor shaft via an integrated clamping hub Output shaft of gearbox exactly coaxial with the motor The gearboxes are enclosed seal between gearbox and motor and filled with oil at the factory Small dimensions Low weight To the top of the page.


Search Search term s Search. Skip directly to content. With high torques of up to Newton meters and a particularly favorable torque-inertia ratio, the 1FK7 motor achieves a very high dynamic response, which means shortened cycles and less wear on the motor, resulting in decreased machine downtime.

1FK7-DYA servomotors with planetary gearbox – Motors – Siemens

The servo planetary geared motors with IP64 degree of protection are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated over the motor surface.

Tools Siemens Industry, Inc. Turn off more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip directly to content. The gearboxes siemena flanged directly to the drive end of the motors. To the top of the page.

1FK7 servomotors with series SP+ planetary gearbox – Motors – Siemens

Motion Control Motor Accessories go. Turn on more accessible mode. Integrated Drive Systems go. High Dynamic models have the ability to speed up and slow down very quickly.

Featuring natural cooling and a rugged, maintenance-free design, the 1FK7 synchronous servo motor is ideal for motion control applications where siemmens final position must be reached very quickly with ultimate precision.


Motion Control Systems and Solutions go. Search Search term s Search. Turn on more accessible mode.

Typical Uses In general mechanical engineering, wherever coaxial drive units are used, e. Very good production quality in applications with high-load inertia Very good control capability of high-load inertias or widely varying load inertias For constant speed or interpolating applications with high-load inertia. Space-saving installation through very high-power density Exceptional short design Wide range of motors in shaft heights 20 to mm.

1FK7 Servo Motors

Servo motors 1FK7 are available in IP ratings 64 to 67 with a high overload capability up to 3 times rated torque and rotatable connectors. Tools Drive Technology Drive Technology. Motors with planetary gearbox go. To the top of the page.

Drill Rig Motors go. MC Motors Selection Guide go. Intended for highly-dynamic applications with low-load inertia Most rapid acceleration due to low rotor inertia Higher productivity du to shortened cycle times.